09/11 FM4 Indiekiste mit JP Cooper

I’ve been talking a lot about new music recently and we’ve been working hard to finish my next album over the last few months. Although it’s all written, getting availabilities with studios / producers / musicians has proven a bit tricky to coordinate so has delayed the delivery of the full finished album. I have been speaking to my management / label /agent and the wider team to see if there is any way around this but unfortunately because the full album release has had to go back to October so it’s left us with no choice but to move the tour back as well. Believe me this is the last thing I wanted to do, the whole band / crew and I were looking forward to getting out on the road and playing these new songs live so its massively disappointing for us, but most of all I hate the idea of letting you lot down. The support and love you have for my music is what makes all of this worthwhile so believe me I am gutted.




28,50€ oeticket