• Disco Fair

    This Friday Disco Tales is back again with an old friend. DJ W!ld will be gracing the club for he third time in a row, and we're super excited to welcome back the smokey frenchman. He will be joined by Andy Catana and the Disco Tales residents. It's been a while since the Disco Tales crew put on a party, so let's see what they came up with in their hiatus. The kitchen will be hosted by the mighty Meat Market crew, Cem, Evol, and Scirox. From Disco To Techno never made more sense.

    Saturday will be a guestlist only affair, courtesy of the ViennaFair. VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary is the most important international platform for contemporary art originating from Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe. In recent years, it has been established as an incomparable springboard for galleries and artists, with the exciting space it creates for thought-provoking dialogue and events. With its location in Vienna, VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary has become an attractive meeting point for visitors, artists, curators, collectors and buyers, and it is also now a fixed date in the international schedule of important art fairs. With a brilliant preview in October 2013, the fair recorded its most successful year to date - by a distance, attended by around 23.000 visitors. The remarkable range presented and the level of attendance at VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary made it an innovative centre-point of the global art market.

  • 3 Day Marathon

    Thursday one half of Hype Williams is coming on down. Inga Copeland is the producer and songwriter behind the duo's magic.Is it any wonder we gravitate toward these absolute, exclusive sounds? Check a bad bank balance, and the buildings collapse in, down to your solar plexus. Get a great text and your heels spring on pavements of golden cloud, chest puffed. Dub makes us dance isolated, meditative almost, and yet twins us with the others in the room. We can't wait to hear her on the mainfloor. She will be joined by Forever Traxx, Cem, Pumahouseparty, and Skvlkrsh Vs. Battle-ax. Oh yeah and students pay 50% off at the door. Do it.

    Friday we are kicking off the Turbo season again. For the occasion, we have invited none other than Enter. destroyer Paco Osuna from Spain. Paco has pretty much reinvented himself in the past few years, playing at every major festival and club all over the world. Seems fitting that we invite him to the <><, no? Get ready for a spanish techno assault that will make your ears bleed! Lampert will be warming things up for him and the Imola music crew will be hosting the terrace. Sounds pretty good to us.

    Saturday we gear up for another psytrance party. PSR Impact is the game of the game, and trust us when we say this party is gonna go off! Nitro & Glycerine, Necmi, Meis, and Idylle, will all be performing live on the mainfloor. Spectralis will be joined by Cougar, Pinocio, and Microdot in the kitchen. Get ready for Impact...

  • Ascending meuterei

    This Friday the Meuterei crew is back after a well deserved summer break. This party is gonna look more like a rock concert, as it's all about the live music here. Elektro Guzzi will be making their club debut and needless to say we are excited to see these guys destroy the <><. If you've never heard of Elektro Guzzi, their live rendition of Techno will rock your socks off. They will be joined by our friends, Austrian Apparel, who need no introduction. They've played a few shows at the club, and destroyed it. Every single fucking time. We are also excited for the first Drum & Bass kitchen ever, hosted by the City Warriors crew. This is gonna be too good to miss.

    Saturday marks the first installment of our new Ascending Waves format. Young Male has been putting out some of the most original, thought provoking Techno is years and we are more than excited to welcome him into our home. He will be joined by Goldcut Crates and Kobermann, who will also be making their mainfloor debut. We also have Matijæ from the Prasselbande, who wlll be putting on quite an epic visual show. With a nice price of 8€ <00:00>10€ you have yourselves a no brainer.

  • royally linked

    Everyone always talks about supporting their local scene. This Friday don't just talk about it, get your ass down to the club for Linked #3. We got Bodo Schwarz, Daniel S., Ilyas Heckmann, Isili, Markus Lindner, and the loveley Veronika Amie on the decks. Linked is a new project by Viennese DJs aiming to take the focus off of international superstars and give some of the best local musicians a platform to showcase their skills. sounds like something worth supporting...

    Saturday the hardest party in Vienna is back! Kanal Royal brings you Developer (Modularz, USA), who has been producing some the fucking craziest techno we have had a chance to hear in recent times. Get ready for a brain massage de luxe:) He will be joined by Zosima and Schwartz, two of the hottest upcoming Viennese techno DJs around. Joja and Roman Rauch will both be making their <>< birthday bash in the brand new kitchen. Looks like it's gonna be one of those weekends again...

  • eclectic as fuck

    This Friday we start things off with something pretty interesting. Sinkane aka Ahmed Gallib will be performing live starting at 20:00. Ahmed has created an altogether unique compound of sound, stylistically nostalgic and ultramodern at the same time. From Gallab’s childhood in Sudan there is a Pan-African influence of popular Sudanese music and haqibah, as well as distinct horn and synth arrangements more common to East Africa. After fleeing Sudan when his father– a journalist and politician – was exiled following a military coup in 1989, Ahmed was faced with a stark contrast when he moved to the predominantly white, Mormon center of Provo, Utah. While this and a subsequent move to Ohio caused a further sense of alienation in a young Gallab, it was also part of the inspiration for the path he walks as an artist. This background merges with the lessons learned from Ahmed‘s stints with obsessive craftsmen such as Caribou, Yeasayer and Of Montreal, and especially the monumental task he underwent as musical director of ‘ATOMIC BOMB! The Music of William Onyeabor.’ Gallab excavated and arranged a treasure trove of lost classics from the West African synth-pioneer to put together a now legendary series of performances. Alongside his band-mates in Sinkane (jaytram on drums, Ish Montgomery on bass, Jonny Lam on guitar), he also brought on guests Damon Albarn, David Byrne, The Lijadu Sisters, Money Mark and members of Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, and Blood Orange. Come Check it out.

    Later on we welcome Portable who will be gracing us with one of his epic live shows. Alan Abrahams AKA Portable AKA Bodycode has been in motion his whole life— growing up in South Africa, coming of age in London, decamping to Berlin and finally settling in Lisbon—and his deeply syncopated brand of electronic dance music has evolved with every step of the journey.This guy is an absolute legend of the Perlon stable and we are super excited to see what he’s gonna bring to our main floor. He will be joined by Waxter Dancer and Maximilian Foit who will both be making they <>< debut. Kido Soon will be spinning on the terrace while munchies will be provided by Das POM.

    Saturday we say happy birthday to the Wechselstrom crew. The lineup consists of; Ron Costa, Matt Sassari, Matt Mor, Florian Kaltstrøm, Philipp Lichtblau, Alternativklang, Fraser Stuart, and Oliver Rottman and Just Phil & Chris Klein on the terrace. Sounds like a hell of a party…

  • From whisky to techno

    This Friday we welcome some old friends back to the club. It's about time that Foehn & Jerome came by to play and they're bringing along labelmate Thomas Grün for the ride. The trio have been working together for quite some time now, most recently having released the last record on their very own Untitled 100 label. Don't forget to check out the new kitchen where Tilo Stahl and Dj Mushroom will be bringing it to your eardrums. Oh yeah, and entry is FREE with a nightride ticket.

    Saturday we start things off with Vienna's first Taste The Doom, a whisky tasting for doom metal fans. Sounds almost too good to be true.Taste The Doom is run by Berlin-based Austrian Peter Votava and Copenhagen resident Lars Lundehave Hansen. Together they share over 30 years of experience in the music-scene and close to 15 years in whisky drinking. Come on to the terrace and pretend you know something about whisky. Attendance is liited to 32 people so make sure you get our tickets in time.

    Later on Rudi is back with a Techno installment of his beloved Spelunke. Legendary Heiko Laux is gonna be coming down to get dirty, and will be joined by Harry Unger, Steve Looney, Reiter & Hofer, and Rudi himself. Heiko Lau and Rudi have been in the game for longer than most of you have been alive, so come on down and pay your respects.

  • Happy birthday ken hayakawa

    This weekend is gonna be a short one, but a good one. Our own Ken Hayakawa is gonna be celebrating his birthday on Friday, and he's bringing some friends... Youandme will be joined by Daso and Oberst & Buchner who will both be playing live, and Ken and Julian Und Der Fux.who will be gracing us with their dj sets. Come by around 7 as the rest of the Schönbrunner Perlen allstars will be kicking things off by the water. You know this one's gonna be dope.


    This week we've decided to go a bit crazy. Friday is a holiday so Thursday we kick things off with a local edition of Kanal Royal. Cem, Scirox, Herla, Kurt Steinwald, and Harald Schmelzer are your hosts of the night. As you may know, this one is gonna be all about the Techno. Things are bound going to get out of hand, because at 10 am we're taking it to the terrace...

    We're hosting an open air party this Friday on the Terrace from 10am till 10pm. It's also the official after-after hour of the "Yacht Nacht," taking place at Pratersauna the night before. This one is definetely gonna get messy. Don't worry about getting hungry since our bros from Chiq Chaq will be grilling up burgers starting around noon. A lot of new faces will be joined by the old guard behind the decks for an epic morning/afternoon/evening of debauchery. Oh yeah, it's free.

  • Linked Busen

    This weekend is gonna be a fun one. Friday sees the second chapter of our new Linked series. Linked is a project by local Viennese DJs who are proving that one doesn't always need international artists to have a great party. Andy Catana will be joined by Lampert, Mia Rabe, Matthaeus Seiringer, Lennart Jansen, and dirty Dario Loerke. It's always awesome to hear one's friends killing it here. Come by and support your local scene!

    Saturday it's all about the terrace! We have a foodieday by Habern, who will be making the best Fried Chicken outside of the southern United States. While you stuff your face, you can check out "Busenfreunde" Christopher Just and Clemens Haipl on the mic, who will probably be making fun of each other for the entire evening. Expect more than a few penis jokes, and 14 year old humor that will have you laughing your ass off in no time. The whole spectacle starts at 4 and entry is free. Oh yeah the club's not going to be open later, so you'll just have to black out on the terrace this time.


    Thursday we have an absolute fucking legend in the house: Raekwon!! Yeah that's right, Raekwon of Wu Tang Clan fame. It's Purple Drank time again, and we are seriously shitting our pants about welcoming this guy to the club. Ill Mindz will be supporting and we are super excited to see these guys as well. Remember, it's a concert so don't show up at 2am drunk off your ass.

    It's been quite a while since Mathew Jonson played in Vienna. The Canadian virtuoso of Techno will be performing live this Friday at the "Grelle Forelle Sommerfest". Come by early as we are gonna be having a Philippine BBQ on the terrace starting at 1900. If you're unfamiliar with Mathew's work, do your self a favor and check out his catalog of seminal Techno classics. He will be joined by Funkroom's finest (Moxx & Rol:e), in what wil no doubt be a night to remember.

    Saturday we are closed. Go swimming.