No Sleep NYX

How good was last weekend? Damn, our ears are still ringing. Don’t even think about skipping next one though, especially since there are only three weekends remaining till we close for the summer. We got some good games going on during the week as well. Come by, kick back by the water and watch some football with friends.

The festival season is just around the corner, which you might have noticed by the abundance of pre-parties going on here lately. This Friday sees the Viennese EXIT Festival launch party hosted in cooperation with No Sleep. Ben Vedren, an old friend of the club, will be honoring us with one of his live sets. One of the most talented live artists around, this guy is an absolute Ableton virtuoso. Joining him will be the three musketeers: Bodo Schwarz, E.Royal, and Ruuk. Ruuk will be making his first mainfloor appearance ever. Come by and show some love!

Saturday! „No wonder the extreme right refuses to include Austria’s daughters in the national anthem. The daughters always fuck up their election results.“ (Anna Kohlweis) NYX sets out to showcase some of the finest female DJs our city has to offer. Minou Oram, Isili, Lilian Polo, and Terror+Martina have no doubt been spending the last few days/weeks sorting out their dopest tracks for your aural enjoyment. „You educate a man, you educate a man. You educate a woman, you educate a generation“.


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