This weekend is gonna be dope. On Friday, Circo Loco legend Davide Squillace will be making his return to the club. Last time he absolutely killed it, and given how large his career has grown in the past year, it’s safe to say that this time will be absolutely mayhem. Equally exciting is the fact that Dennes Deen will be making his long awaited debut on the mainfloor. The Kopf Bei Fuß crew out of Graz have been throwing some interesting parties for quite some time now, and we thought we’d let them host the kitchen. Come by for a drink or ten.

    Earlier the same evening, Chuzpe will be performing live. Releasing their second album in over 30 years, we’re excited to see what the new wave pioneers still have up their sleeve. Entrance is 15, the memories are priceless.

    Saturday the Wiener Endorphine crew are turning 3! The lineup is extremely promising, with our personal highlights being S3A and California Kurt live. The rest ain’t too shabby neither so get your ass down here. The nice price of 9 <00:00> 13 should make your decision a bit easier…

  • Meuternde Perlen

    It’s a wonder that Gregor Tresher hasn’t played at the club yet… One of the more recognisable household names in Techno today, the man from Frankfurt has been pumping out dope tracks for ages on labels like Cocoon and his own imprint, break new soil. Needless to say, we are all super excited to welcome the “altmeister” into our home this Friday. Florian Kaltstrøm will be joining him, alongside the dastardly duo of Hans Jung and Rick Möser. Drum n’ Bass in the kitchen, all night long…

    Saturday we welcome back Ken Hayakawa with his Schönbrunner Perlen crew. Space Echo will be making their debut live performance at the club, and that is definitely one not to be missed. Catekk and Lee Stevens have joined forces of bring us some of the funkiest shit in years. The star of the evening though is Patlac, one of the Liebe*Detail members. This is gonna be a good one for sure...


    Mykki Blanco is coming back to town this Wednesday… In case you don’t know who the dude is, check out this article. He’s a cross dressing rapper to start with, and then there’s the fact that he’s completely off his head. Gonna be a fun one… get involved.

    Seeing as it’s the second Friday of the month, Linked is back. Andy Catana, Daniel S., Dario Loerke, Lampert, Lennart Jansen, Mia Rabe, and Veronika Amie, will be manning (and womaning) the wheels of steel all night. Definitely one of the funnest parties in town, plus entry is free before midnight and 8€ afterwards.

    Saturday Kanal Royal is back with SHXCXCHCXSH live, as well as SEDVS, Stock Projects, Evol, and Herla on the mainfloor. Protocol will be joined by Tiqun, Tyrell Corporation, and Sedvs, in the kitchen. This one is gonna be super hard…

  • Hafner Worgull Höppner

    Thursday Frischer Fisch is back with a motherfucking bang. For the latest installment, we have invited none other than Robert Johnson’s very own Oliver Hafenbauer. Oliver is in charge of the bookings over there in FFM, and if you’ve had a look at the website, you probably realised by now that he knows his shit. He will be joined by Leo Küchler (Bob Beaman) and Thome Rozier (Pomeranze). We are giving away 100 free entry spots (check instagram for more info) and regular entry is just 5 <00:00> 8. Not bad for a Thursday…

    Friday we welcome the Deep Baked crew into our home. These guys have been putting on some serious parties for quite some time now, so it only makes sense that they start hosting them here. Marcus Worgull of Innervisions fame will be joined by Aleksej Levski, Baha, Ferenc Merker, Francis Conrad, and Ralf Jakob on the mainfloor. K:Sun and Denis H will be going back to back in the kitchen all night long. Gonna be a good one.

    Saturday we celebrate 10 years of play.fm. The lineup is pretty, pretty, pretty, fucking good. Ostgut boss Nick Höppner will be joined by TJ Hicks and Franjazzco on the mainfloor. We’ve been waiting for Nick to play here for quite some time now, so we are more than overjoyed that it’s finally happening. In the kitchen meanwhile, 100 DJs are gonna be playing a song each. This is gonna get out of hand...

  • Turbo Bock

    This FridayTURBO is back with a real banger. Blawan & Pariah are gonna be performing live together as Karenn. This will be a 100% analog liveset, engineered to blow your fucking heads off. Techno doesn't get any rawer. They'll be brining along labelmate Sunil Sharpe, while the Herla start the evening off. The kitchen is going to set the stage for the Zeitaufnahme crew, who have been making quite a name for themselves recently. Oh yeah, don't forget the Gürtelaffäre afterhour, which is pretty much one of the most legendary mornings of the year. Fasten your seat belts.

    Saturday we are going to be hosting a charity party for ute bock in cooperation with Ready2Rumble. Ute Bock has been providing refugees with shelter and support since before you were born. Doesn't matter how hungover you are, get on down here and pay the MINIMUM donation of 8/12€.That Shxt vs. Switch vs. Gut Aufgelegt Vs. Nublends are gonna be laying it down on the Mainfloor all nicht, while about 15 other DJs are gonna be spinning in the kitchen.

  • 3 Day Bender

    This one’s gonna be a long one… We kick shit off on Thursdaywith an absolute legend. The Bebop Rodeo crew is back and they have an absolute ace up their sleeve.You’ve heard of Stones Throw right? Well, label boss and allaround dope dude Peanut Butter Wolf is gonna hit up the club this Thursday. His album My Vinyl Weighs A Ton, was the most acclaimed and successful release of the early years of Stones Throw. By 2000, Wolf relocated the label to Los Angeles, bringing the rapper/producer Madlib along with him, who became the center of the label for many years. When Madlib made Quasimoto’s The Unseen, a helium-voiced alter ego, Stones Throw reached a turning point. From then on, the label defied more and more conventions with each year. Excited as fuck.

    Friday is finally time for another Mutiny! Dusty Kid (aka Paolo Alberto Lodde) was born in the first half of the decade that sanctioned the triumphant rise and the immediate fall of those phenomena defined by some ephemeral definitions like brokeristic-financial Yuppism, Reaganism-Thatcherism, and New Romantic dandyism, in other words in the middle of the 80s, of which's soundtrack was described by the distinctive but passing melodies of the Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Bronsky Beat, and Wham!. As a new enfant prodige if there ever was one, he immediately showed his natural talent for the variegated music world. At 10, after just one year of private lessons of the basic notions of piano and violin, he was admitted directly to the 6th year of the piano course in the conservatory of his native city. The rest, as they say, is history… Stop pretending like you care about the music, come on by, get wasted, and party like it’s 1984…

    “Stell Dir Vor…“ We are gonna be hosting a pretty epic flea market this Saturday. Come by early and annoy Peter, who will most likely be hungover as shit, and grab yourselves some vintage hipster crap. It starts at 1pm, so you don’t have to wait till the evening to get plastered again. Good food (foodieday!), good coffee, and there will be Vinyl…

    Ascending Waves is focused on Leftfield House and Techno, with a certain amount of noise, darkness and acid. For the second episode, we welcome Randomer to our venue. His newer releases on labels like L.I.E.S., Russian Torrent Version and Clone presents the listener his more Electro-oriented style. Support comes from some of Vienna's best DJs Ranah Geist, and the up-coming BCKSRCKR. Brace yourself! Don’t even fuckin’ pretend like you know anyone playing, just get your ass down here!

  • linked Kanal

    Friday the Linked crew are back again. in case you haven't heard yet, Linked is a collective of Viennese local Djs that promote and push each other. This Friday sees the likes of Ilyas Heckmann, Matthäus Seiringer, Maxi., Mia Rabe, Paul Walter, and Robin Ma'ar. Not only is this crew amazing to party with, they also play some pretty awesome music too!

    Saturday sees the return of Kanal Royal, Vienna's most badass Techno party. CTRLS has been destroying it for quite some time now. Troels Knudsen aka CTRLS continues to develop his fast paced and futuristic style, seeking out the various nuances of Techno and it's surrounding genres. He will be joined by local legends Tilo Stahl and Manolo Bianco. Gonna be a good one...

  • Disco Fair

    This Friday Disco Tales is back again with an old friend. DJ W!ld will be gracing the club for he third time in a row, and we're super excited to welcome back the smokey frenchman. He will be joined by Andy Catana and the Disco Tales residents. It's been a while since the Disco Tales crew put on a party, so let's see what they came up with in their hiatus. The kitchen will be hosted by the mighty Meat Market crew, Cem, Evol, and Scirox. From Disco To Techno never made more sense.

    Saturday will be a guestlist only affair, courtesy of the ViennaFair. VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary is the most important international platform for contemporary art originating from Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe. In recent years, it has been established as an incomparable springboard for galleries and artists, with the exciting space it creates for thought-provoking dialogue and events. With its location in Vienna, VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary has become an attractive meeting point for visitors, artists, curators, collectors and buyers, and it is also now a fixed date in the international schedule of important art fairs. With a brilliant preview in October 2013, the fair recorded its most successful year to date - by a distance, attended by around 23.000 visitors. The remarkable range presented and the level of attendance at VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary made it an innovative centre-point of the global art market.

  • 3 Day Marathon

    Thursday one half of Hype Williams is coming on down. Inga Copeland is the producer and songwriter behind the duo's magic.Is it any wonder we gravitate toward these absolute, exclusive sounds? Check a bad bank balance, and the buildings collapse in, down to your solar plexus. Get a great text and your heels spring on pavements of golden cloud, chest puffed. Dub makes us dance isolated, meditative almost, and yet twins us with the others in the room. We can't wait to hear her on the mainfloor. She will be joined by Forever Traxx, Cem, Pumahouseparty, and Skvlkrsh Vs. Battle-ax. Oh yeah and students pay 50% off at the door. Do it.

    Friday we are kicking off the Turbo season again. For the occasion, we have invited none other than Enter. destroyer Paco Osuna from Spain. Paco has pretty much reinvented himself in the past few years, playing at every major festival and club all over the world. Seems fitting that we invite him to the <><, no? Get ready for a spanish techno assault that will make your ears bleed! Lampert will be warming things up for him and the Imola music crew will be hosting the terrace. Sounds pretty good to us.

    Saturday we gear up for another psytrance party. PSR Impact is the game of the game, and trust us when we say this party is gonna go off! Nitro & Glycerine, Necmi, Meis, and Idylle, will all be performing live on the mainfloor. Spectralis will be joined by Cougar, Pinocio, and Microdot in the kitchen. Get ready for Impact...

  • Ascending meuterei

    This Friday the Meuterei crew is back after a well deserved summer break. This party is gonna look more like a rock concert, as it's all about the live music here. Elektro Guzzi will be making their club debut and needless to say we are excited to see these guys destroy the <><. If you've never heard of Elektro Guzzi, their live rendition of Techno will rock your socks off. They will be joined by our friends, Austrian Apparel, who need no introduction. They've played a few shows at the club, and destroyed it. Every single fucking time. We are also excited for the first Drum & Bass kitchen ever, hosted by the City Warriors crew. This is gonna be too good to miss.

    Saturday marks the first installment of our new Ascending Waves format. Young Male has been putting out some of the most original, thought provoking Techno is years and we are more than excited to welcome him into our home. He will be joined by Goldcut Crates and Kobermann, who will also be making their mainfloor debut. We also have Matijæ from the Prasselbande, who wlll be putting on quite an epic visual show. With a nice price of 8€ <00:00>10€ you have yourselves a no brainer.