Thursday we have an absolute fucking legend in the house: Raekwon!! Yeah that's right, Raekwon of Wu Tang Clan fame. It's Purple Drank time again, and we are seriously shitting our pants about welcoming this guy to the club. Ill Mindz will be supporting and we are super excited to see these guys as well. Remember, it's a concert so don't show up at 2am drunk off your ass.

    It's been quite a while since Mathew Jonson played in Vienna. The Canadian virtuoso of Techno will be performing live this Friday at the "Grelle Forelle Sommerfest". Come by early as we are gonna be having a Philippine BBQ on the terrace starting at 1900. If you're unfamiliar with Mathew's work, do your self a favor and check out his catalog of seminal Techno classics. He will be joined by Funkroom's finest (Moxx & Rol:e), in what wil no doubt be a night to remember.

    Saturday we are closed. Go swimming.


    This Friday it's all about the Techno. Turbo and Kanal Royal are joining forces to bring you DVS1. DVS1 aka Zak Khutoretsky has been making quite a name for himself in recently with releases on Klockworks, Hush, and the occasional 13+ hour power sets in Berghain. Definetely one of the most exciting new DJs to watch and hear, it's no surprise that this is Zak's second visit to the club. He will be joined by Jojo Todos and DJ Mushroom. Giuseppe Leonardi will be spinning some tunes on the terrace. Come out and enjoy the Summer.

    Saturday Frischer Fisch is back with Keshawar who will be joined by Andy Catana and Paul Messing. Keshawar has been releasing on quality label after label ever since he broke onto the scene about a year ago. As usual we have a nice price of 5€ for students and 8€ for everyone else. This is gonna be a good one.


    Thursday things are heating up with a summer outdoor super special on the terrace of our club. Leave your couches home alone and start networking with all the music people because the Yampions step in the arena for the second round. And don't worry - the mainfloor will be yours to dance on.

    This Friday the lovely hosts of Meuterei and Guten Abend get ready to go to battle. The Guten Abend crew have been hosting some wild afterparties in a brothel, which seems fitting because pirates love brothels and all that shit. The motley crew of Hans Jung, Nick Jacobs, and Rik Moser will be hosting the mainfloor, while Johannes Haidin, Max Schell, Steve Salen, and Philipp Schelchshorn & Oliver Schneider will be playing in the kitchen. The terrace will be open in the evening and Capturn Table will be doing his thing there. Entry is only 10€ and if you come on a group of 4 people, 1 of you gets in for free. Dope!

    Saturday we have an epic crew showdown/battle. It's time for another edition of Blank, featuring HAM/Vihanna/Zen Clan/Majestic Mood. The hipster Olympics, if you will. We're excited to see these guys combine forces, and we're even more excited to get messed up at this party. These are all super fun crews to party with, and they all bring a lot of interesting people with them, so we are getting excited for Saturday. Entry is 5 before Midnight and 8 after so get your cheap ass down here and don't even think of asking us for guestlist.


    We start things off early this week. To be more precise on Thursday with Bana Choc Stars - the aftershow party for the opening of Carsten Höller's new exhibition at TBA21 in collaboration with Belvedere Museum. You better don't miss out on this one. It's a live concert of Congolese rap artist Baloji & L’Orchestre de la Katuba. He's a mesmerizing performer, who validates Carsten Höller’s long term fascination with Congolese culture. All this followed by DJ sets fromPrince Zeka, Lehrl & The Colonious.

    This Friday sees the official Linked launch party. Linked is our new "locals" party if you will, but it's also much more than that. Linked represents a network of the finest underground House/Techno crews that Vienna has to offer. The party will be taking place once a month and the goal is to stay away from overpaid international DJs, and to bring our local crews more into the limelight. It was time to join forces and we are excited to see what the future wil bring. The opening will be headlined by Daniel Kovac & Paul Walter who will be playing live. The duo will be joined by Bodo Schwarz, Isili, Markus Lindner, and Robin Ma'ar.

    Saturday we decided to join forces with "Das Werk" to bring you a mini festival of sorts. "Spittelauer Kernschmelze" is gonna start early in the afternoon with flea markets, food, and outdoor perdormances. Later on Austrian Apparel (live), Hofer & Reiter, and Rawschitz & Wladimir Glitchcore will be mixing things up in the <><. Guerilla Bakery will be hosting our very first foodie day, so come on down early nough to grab a bite to eat. Entrance is 7€ and is valid for both locations. This is gonna be a fun one.

  • Deep market cafe

    This Friday is the 4th of July, which means we have an excuse to celebrate extra heavily. We invited the Deep Baled squad who have been making quite a name for themselves in the past few months. Baha, Francis Conrad, Ralf Jakob, and Aleksej Levski will be hosting the mainfloor. Nice price entry fee of 5€ before midnight and 8 after, so just do it.

    Saturday we see the premiere of "Fish Market" (aka Meat Market & Ficken Plus). Gay, Straight, Freaky, Sexy, no matter what you're intomake sure you come by and check out Psyk & Savas Pascalidis. The will be joined by Gerald Van Der Hint, Scirox, and Cem. All star Techno assault awaits. In the kitchen we're gonna have a queer cinema lounge, so this is guaranteed to get out of hand.

    Just in case all that wasn't enough for you, we're gonna have another episode of our Cafe Am Just in case all that wasn't enough for you, we're gonna have another episode of our Cafe Am Sonntag parties. This time Coffeemaster Lampert will be joined by A:lex, Flo Scheibein, and Matthäus Seiringer. Sounds like an epic way to spend a Sunday, with or without and actual Cafe:) Entry is free and the terrace will be open. Sounds good to us...

  • Stadtpark Kanal

    This Friday it's time to say happy birthday to the Stadtpark boys. The crew out of Vorarlberg has been putting on parties for seven years now and will be celebrating this Friday with all their residents and friends. Dario Loerke, Ilyas Heckmann, Lampert, and Markus Lindner will be joined by ex Stadtpark residents A:lex & Florian Schebein. This one is not to be missed.

    Saturday things get a bit harder again with the next installment of Kanal Royal. This time the guests are Tripeo (live), Stanislav Tolkachev, and Tilo Stahl. You might know Tripeo by his real name: Darko Esser, who has been making waves for quite some time now. Stanislav Tolkachev has also been making quite a name for himself recently, playing at Europe's finer Techno pariies in the last few months. If it's too hard, you're too soft.

  • turbo meuterei perlen

    This Wednesday we welcome back our man Oliver Huntemann!!! This time is gonna be extra special, as this is the recording party for his next mix cd Play!05 Vienna, which will be released this Fall. Seeing as how Huntemann was the first TURBO guest ever, we always look forward to having him again. It's also his Bday bash, so don't forget to congratulate him. Joining him on the mainfloor will be Matt Mor, who will be releasing some dope shit on Oliver's new Senso label. Daniel S. & Matthäus Seiringer will be spinning their wax in the kitchen. Oh yeah Thursday's a holiday.

    Friday: the Meuterei crew wil be hosting their annual summer/locals party featuring pretty much every Viennese DJ worth a damn. This is always one of the best parties of the year so be sure not to miss this one. Come by and cheer on your friends as they destroy the club. It's gonna be epic.

    Saturday we have something extra special in store for you guys. Ken Hayakawa's Schönbrunner Perlen party is back. This time Monkey Maffia will be joined by our friends Thomas Stieler, Ken Hayakawa, Channel F (live), and Knochen Hartmann. Entry is only 8€ before Midnight and 12€ after so you really have no choice but to do it. Come on by.

  • Jimmy's Spelunke

    This Friday we will be hosting the last show of the "Modeschule Schloss Hetzendorf" 23 students will be displaying their works on our terrace. Be sure not to miss this one, as there's gonna be a look of interesting stuff (and cute girls) to look at. The afterparty will feature Wolfram, Jimmy Edgar, GVBBV, and DERWAHREJAKOB, and is definetely one not to be missed. Jimmy Edgar is the Detroit-born electronic act who began experimenting with electronic music at age 10 and was performing at raves by age 15. After releases as Michaux and Kristuit Salu vs Morris Nightingale, he signed to Warp (as Jimmy Edgar) in 2004. He’s been getting a lot of buzz recently with his edit of a Frankie Knuckles track, in order to pay tribute to the House legend.

    This Saturday Rudi's Spelunke sets sail with Format:B. Format:B are Franziskus and Jakob. Jakob is a Berliner, from Kreuzberg to be exact. As all good parents do, his wanted him to play an instrument. After years of successfully dodging music lessons and his parents wishes, he finally at the subtle age of 15 decided that he desperately needed a bass guitar, which then through diligent practice manoeuvred him from hardcore bands to funk and jazz bands. But suddenly, there was a small problem: he liked Techno parties much better than rock concerts. After meeting Franziskus they started messing around together - as a consequence of their great success, Jakob and Franziskus were “forced” to play live on the whole planet. The second floor is hosted by the Deep Baked squad, so whatever you're into, you're gonna have fun.

  • Blank Meuterei Cafe

    Friday: This week we welcome an absolute legemd back to our club. Moodymann is coming back again to deliver his signature blend of original house music. Kenny Dixon Jr. better known as Moodymann is the undisputed ambassador of Detroit’s music scene. If you are into House music or anything soulful you’ve definitely come across his music in the past. Starting out in the early nineties with his KDJ label he soon created a buzz with his productions which were sold out worldwide after a few days. He recently dropped his latest album; here’s your chance to catch one of his rare Dj sets. He will be joined by the blank crew on the decks, and Vienna’s house heads on the dancefloor. Don’t miss this one.

    Saturday: The crews of Ziaga and Meuterei will be coming together this Saturday to bring you something very special. Daniel Steinberg has been crafting electronic music laden with personality and punch for the better part of two decades. The Berlin producer has carved his own niche in the club realm with productions that feature a quirky concoction of crisp tech house beats, infectious hooks, playful vocal samples and darker minimalist flavours, which are particularly apparent in his output under his alternate moniker, Harry Axt. Steinberg’s sound is built upon a playful panache that breaks free from the straitjacket of house and techno conventions and embraces the sonically unexpected. His distinct approach to club sounds, as both a DJ and a producer, has piqued the interest of discerning listeners and dancers worldwide.

    Sunday:If all that wasn't enough, this Sunday we're gonna have a little party. Daniel S. is turning 25 and we're gonna celebrate our asses of this "Cafe Am Sonntag". The perfect way to round of a weekend full of drunken debauchery, with a bite to eat and a beer. Oh yeah, Monday's a holiday so this one could take a while.

  • Turbo Dimensions Frischer

    Thursday is a holiday so that means we're partying it up this Wednesday. Recondite has been on everybody's mind and ears from sometime now. Recondite's sound is hard to describe, the only words that seem to fit would be "ground breaking". He recently warmed up for Richie Hawtin at Time Warp and has since been picked up for an Enter residency in Ibiza. He will be joined by Catekk & Herla in what will no doubt be one of the sonic highlights of the year.

    Friday - Dimensions is an underground electronic music festival held at Fort Punta Christo, the legendary site where Outlook Festival takes place. Fort Punta Christo is perhaps one of the most amazing festival locations ever imagined. Held within the Fort’s grounds, Dimensions features the best underground sounds in electronic dance floor music from across the globe. We are excited as hell to host one of their warm up parties which will give you a good idea of what to expect at the festival. John Heckle, New York Transit Authority, and Mr. Ho will give you a taste of what Dimensions is all about.

    Saturday - After centuries of research, the definition of music still remains a plain mystery to all those who ventured into it – musicians, philosophers and scientists alike. Music, the art of producing beauty and harmony can certainly realize two things – touch and express the deepest of any living creature’s emotions, as well as trigger the urge to shake a leg. Alejandro Mosso has the natural gift to feed into both of these effects. Supporting him will be the lovely duo of Bodo Schwarz & Johannes Lampert. Sounds good, it is good.

  • terrassen kanal gold

    The weather is finally getting better! This means that the terrace will be opening this Friday (weather gods permitting)! So come on down, grab a burger and a cocktail and start your weekend by the water. Kido Soon and 7 Citizens will be taking care of the music and afterwards we have something epic in store for you.

    Kanal Royal is back, this time with Rrose and Tin Man, who will both be playing live. Rrose has been destroying it lately, with some of the most interesting and thought provoking Techno that we have had the pleasure of hearing in years. Tin Man has also been making waves for quite some time now, and has pretty much single handedly started an acid renaissance that has been making waves around the world. This one is gonna be good.

    If you're gonna be at the lighthouse festival this Saturday, make sure to come by our floor. We're gonna be hosting a "secret" garden daytime party with Ken Hayakawa and Jokl, so stop by! If you're in Vienna, come check out the "Old Gold" with Rainer Trüby, Luis Forever, and Dieter Mit Platten. Rainer Trüby, ex-member of A Forest Mighty Black and today's master of rare vinyl and wine, is still busy with DJing around the globe, spreading his musical vision of "good music" delivering in between the different facets of house and electronic music and mixing it up with his beloved roots i.e. Soul, Boogie, Jazz, Funk, Latin. Entrance is free till midnight and costs 10 afterwards, so it's definetely worth checking out.

  • Meuterei Selection

    Get ready for the grand opening of our terrace this Friday (weather permitting). Expect good drinks, good food and good tunes. We've got a whole bunch of new cocktails and snacks for you to try, and yes, we will be serving burgers. Kido Soon & 7 Citizens will be providing the soundtrack, so come on down. Afterwards it's Meuterei time with Dense & Pika. Emerging mid-2011 with a series of handstamped white-label releases, Dense & Pika have since become a must-check facet of true, modern underground techno. Coveted by the likes of Blawan, DJ Koze, Jackmaster, Sven Vath and Scuba with the latter signing the duo up for a series of 12"s for his Hot Flush imprint, Dense & Pika's output has garnered such support that a step into live performance has been a highly anticipated move.

    Saturday we're gonna celebrate 6 years of Progressive Selection. Atmos, Daydin, and Protonica, will be joined by the Progressive residents. If you're into this kind of thing, make sure not to miss the party. Have a good one.

  • Huxley Butch nachtcafe

    This Friday Huxley will be making his Vienna debut, and we are more than excited to welcome this guy to our club. Huxley, born Michael Dodman, is a name you're sure to continue to hear more and more off after firmly cementing his place in the UK house scene this past two years. Raised on a diet of UK & US Garage, House and early rave music- Huxley has moulded his music into what is his can be called his own distinctive mark on house music. He will be joined by Functionist and Majestic Mood on the mainfloor. Jack By The Gap will be hosting the kitchen, and have invited Jonas Yamer & Einer Weniger from Molten Moods. Sounds like a fun party.

    Saturday Disco Tales is back. This time they have invited producer and dj extraordinaire, Butch. With a chunky name, versatile and defined sound: Butch spent the past three years presenting us with a constant amount of high quality output ranging throughout the different genres of electronic dance music with such an ease and passion that he has made it to be one of the most sought-after names worldwide. Ilyas Heckmann will be warming it up for him, while DLV and Damn Truth will be bringing some hip hop heat to the kitchen.

    Just in case you didn't have enough yet, come by Sunday evening for a late night edition of our Cafe Am Sonntag. This time we are gonna be starting a bit later at 2100 so you guys have a chance to got to one of the many open air parties beforehand. Ilyas Heckmann, Markus Lindner, and Thomas Grün will be playing, and entrance is absolutely free.


    This Wednesday we have quite a sick lineup in store for you guys. We're gonna be ringing in the 1st of May with a "Musik Gewinnt Freunde" showcase featuring Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Lake People Live, Yokoo, Ken Hayakawa, and Oberst & Buchner. Easily one of the best lineups we've ever had the pleasure of hosting. Thursday is of course a holiday, so get your ass down here. Spring is finally here!

    Friday we start things off at 2030 with a Jeremiah Jae concert. Chicago based producer and MC, and member of Flying Lotus' brainfeeder collective, we are more than excited for his Vienna debut. One of the newer, innovative members of the hip hop game, we are excited to welcome this guy to the club. Afterwards, it's time for the next installment of BLANK. Guest of honor this time will be producer extraordinaire Lone. He will be joined by GVVBVV and Kid Kut on the mainfloor, with Rave Rabbit and Maverick in the kitchen.

    Saturday we welcome aboard our friends from across town, the Pratersauna crew, who will be making a Lighthouse Festival tour stop at the club. We look forward to partying with our friends from the second district, and also to hearing David August again, who graced us with a live set last year. He's gonna be joined by Pratersauna fixtures Friedrich Locke and Florian Scheibein. This is gonna be a fun one.

    Just in case you didn't have enough yet, come by Sunday evening for a late night edition of our Cafe Am Sonntag. This time we are gonna be starting a bit later at 2100 so you guys have a chance to got to one of the many open air parties beforehand. Ilyas Heckmann, Markus Lindner, and Thomas Grün will be playing, and entrance is absolutely free.

  • UTE's Park

    This Friday Stadtpark is finally back, and this time they are bringing Audio Werner to the club who will be performing a live set deluxe! Audio Werner is one of the most prolific and creative producers on the game these days. He's been around for quite some time now, and his crazy unique style shines through on all his productions. A true live act, we look forward to welcoming him. Joining him will be the rest of the Stadtpark Crew, consisting of Markus Lindner, Lampert, Dario Loerke, and Ilyas Heckmann, with Mann & Klamm hosting the kitchen. This is gonna be a fun one.

    Saturday we are hosting a charity party for the Ute Bock foundation. As you can imagine, running a charity like this isn't easy. It is however, very important, so get your ass down to the club and donate at least 10€. Too many acts to mention are gonna be playing on three! floors. Come by and party for a good cause.

  • Meuterei Courage Perlen

    We set sail this weekend with an Easter Meuterei. Florian Meindl will be making his club debut on Friday and he will be joined by the usual pirates. Florian is one of Austria's most prominent Techno DJs and producers. Party hard and you might just end up seeing an Easter rabbit running through the dancefloor. Gonna be a good one.

    Saturday sees another episode of our Schönbrunner Perlen parties. Motsa has been tearing it up lately, with releases on Sasha's "Last Night On Earth" label. Joining him will be Catekk and Denis Yashin who we look forward to welcoming back. Laminat and Beppo Ton are gonna be playing in the kitchen, which means dope music all night long.

  • Kanal spelunken techno

    We have another three day marathon in store for you this weekend. On Thursday we are excited to host the Noisey launch party. Noisey, as you may know is the new channel of Vice, which focuses exclusively on electronic music. Entry is free, but don't forget to sign up on their website or you're not getting in. Jungle live and Fijuka live are the guests of honor. Oh yeah, and it's a Vice party so don't forget to hipster yourselves up...

    Friday we will witness the Viennese premier of Perc and AnD. These guys are some of the hardest hitters in the techno game today. The excellent label Perc Trax has been putting out some of the most original techno we've seen to date. It's about time that Perc himself will be coming by. Check out AnD's excellent boiler room set to get a feel of what these guys are into. As if all that wasn't enough, in the morning we will be hosting the legendary "Karlsplatz Soiree" afterhour. Sleep is overrated anyway.

    Saturday it's time for another episode of Rudi's Spelunke. This time we have a Monaberry label showcase in store for you. Super Flu live wil be joined by Cascandy and Martin Wasiewski. This should be a fun one. Let's see if Spelunken Chef Rudi will also be making a surprise appearance behind the turntables, or if he's gonna stay put behind the bar.


    On Wednesday Purple Drank is back with a bang. Xzibit, B Real, and Demrick wil be coming by to do some damage. Yeah, you heard right, Xzibit is coming! A new hip hop supergroup, it's gonna be fun to have these guys here. A few presale tickets are still available, and there will be more at the door. Needless to say though, come early!

    Friday we are super excited to welcome Tini back to the club. One of our favorite DJs and people, Tini has gotten bigger and bigger since we last had her over here. Since the trio of Tini, Catana, and Lampert worked so well last time, we decided not to change anything. Matt Mor and Johannes Semf will be taking care of the kitchen this time around. It's gonna be a good one.

    Saturday sees the opening of BLANK with Bambounou (50 weapons). Bambounou is one of the most promising young DJs and producers out there in the moment. He will be supported by the BLANK crew consisting of Kidcut, Gvbbv, Maaverick, Rave Rabbit, and our very own Majestic Mood.

    As it's the first Sunday of the month, it's time for another installment of our lovely Cafe Am Sonntag. This time Lampert will be joined by Ilyas Heckmann, Daniel S., and Paul Messing. It starts at 1700 and there is no entry fee. Sounds like the perfect way to round off your weekend.


    We have some seriously heavy hitters in store for you guys this weekend. An amazing mix of Artists sets the scene for what will no doubt be one of the most epic weekends ever!

    Friday it's time for another Turbo with an old friend named Len Faki. Len has been on a tear for the past couple of years and is definately one of the most dynamic DJs out there. One of the hardest Techno guys around, this party is surely gonna be intense. He absolutely killed it the last two times he was here. Nicolas Bacher and Hudi will be supporting him on the mainfloor, while Daniel S. and Matthäus Seiringer are gonna play all night long in the kitchen. It's Turbo time!

    Saturday starts off with something totally different, namely Bohren & Der Club Of Gore LIVE! These guys have one of the most unique musical styles, playing a combination of super slow jazz and super slow doom metal. Definately worth checking out, alone for the atmosphere these guys create with their eerie music. It's been said that their music is the perfect soundtrack to a dimly lit bar, so we're excited to see how it's gonna come across on our PA. Presale is sold out but there are still gonna be enough tickets left at the door.

    Afterwards we welcome another true legend to the holy halls of the <><. Omar S will finally be making his long awaited Vienna debut. Needless to say, we are super stoked to welcome this pioneer and absolute legend. No matter if you're into house, techno, disco, goa, whatever, you're gonna like this guy's music. A true DJ's DJ, Omar has been on the forefront of underground electronic music for quite some time now. Don't miss this super rare opportunity to catch one of the best guys in the game. Get some sleep, this weekend is gonna get real crazy real fast.

  • Farben Bodzin Anthea

    This time the week starts a little earlier, on Thursday there will be a party for a good cause. Street artists are a constant part of our city and are shaping its appearance with their art on the regular. Farbenfreiheit Solirave will be giving all the proceeds of the party to artists who are currently in need to legal assistance due to their artwork in public space. We like parties for a good cause, you should too.

    Friday Stephan Bodzin will be joining the pirate team as he will be playing for the Meuterei crew. We are super excited to have Stephan at our club, and are sure that he is gonna destroy it (like he always does). Bodzin is definately a household name when it comes to techno, and he is of course guaranteed to bring the fucking house down! A classically trained musician, his roots shine through in every one of his masterful productions. As usual, the rest of the Meuterei crew will be taking on supporting duties. This one is gonna be fun.

    Saturday we have one of the most talented new DJs around: Anthea! She will be headlining our student friendly party, Frischer Fisch. Anthea has made quite a name for herself in recent years, playing (and destroying) the best parties around the world. Voralrberg will be represented strongly here with Lampert in the main room and Malone & Buchinger in the kitchen. Come on down.

  • Mini Disco

    Minisex definetely put Austria on the map back in the 80s. "Rudi Gib Acht" was one of the greatest hits of the era along with Falco's music. They're one of those bands that everyone's gotta love (even if you pretend not to). "What the fuck are these guys doing in the club?" you may ask yourself. The answer is quite simple. These guys love to party like it's 1984 and they have a new album "Reduziert" coming out. Plus, it's way cooler than Nico Pusch for instance:) Needless to say, this Friday should be epic. Patrick Pulsinger, Ken Hayakawa, and Christopher Just will be taking over supporting duties. No matter if you're a 40 something reminiscing about your teenage years in the 80s, or just discovered Minisex, come by Friday and party with Vienna's finest.

    Saturday we are super excited for the return of the mighty Disco Tales. This time they are bringing back our old friend Raresh plus Moxx and Rol:e of Funkroom fame. Raresh is by far one of the most "advanced" producers and Djs of our time. No wonder that the likes of Ricardo Villalobos have taken him under their wing as a protege. He was here about a year ago and totally destroyed it, so it's safe to say that this year should be no different. Old School vs. New School, this weekend is gonna be interesting...

  • soundwave kink

    This Friday we are hosting the official Soundwave pre party. The Soundwave festival takes place in Croatia from the 17th till the 21st of July and Fat Freddy's Drop, Madlib, and Mr- Scruff are among the first confirmed acts. This Friday the crew will be bringing ux XXXY from England. Rounding things off will the the Fairlight DJs on the mainfloor, and Kutmah and the Canyoudigit guys in the kitchen. Sounds good already.

    Saturday we have a very special treat in store for you guys. Kink will be coming by to play one of his epic live sets. Check out his Boiler Room set if you haven't done so already. The guy is pretty fucking insane, using a combination, of Synthesizers, Samplers, and Analog gear to create his spontaneous, on the fly live jams. This guy is a true live act, and one of the most creative producers and performers known to man. 7 Citizens will also be making his mainfloor debut, joined by resident Ken Hayakawa. Jack By The Gap will be cooking it up in the Kitchen, where Abandoned Fields will be accompanied by the rest of the crew.

  • Loco Murphy

    This Friday we are throwing the biggest party in the history of our club. Loco Dice! Is the guest of honor for our four year Turbo celebration. He’s one of the biggest names out there and he hasn't been to Vienna in years. This guy is set to destroy the club, and trust us, this is one party you don't wanna miss. He will be bringing rising star Yaya along for the warmup, and Markus Lindner, Andy Catana, and Lampert will be closing out the festivities with an afterhour of epic proportions. 4 years of Turbo, do not miss this one! It's safe to say that we are all pretty excited.

    Saturday we also have something very special in store for you. DFA and LCD Soundsystem head honcho James Murphy will be coming to the club to grace us with one of his rare DJ sets. This night will be taking place as part of the Red Bull Music Academy, so you can tell your girlfriend you're going out to get some "culture". Wolfram will also be making his club debut with a plethora of others, so this one should be truly special. No matter if you're still out from Friday or fresh from the RBMA lecture, this Saturday is not to be missed.

    As if all that wasn't enough, come by and round off our weekend at our Cafe Am Sonntag. Bodo Schwarz, Lampert, Sebastian Klenk, and Lennar Jansen will be ropping some grooves for you starting at 5pm and going till midnight. Let's face it, with a weekend like this, you're not gonna be sober on Sunday anyway. Entry is free till 1900, and 5€ afterwards, so there really is no excuse. Do It!


    We have something extra-special in store for all of you this Friday. It's time to celebrate two years of Meuterei with none other than Extrawelt! You should already know who Extrawelt is, and if not then please stay at home so that the real fans have some space on the dance floor. This one is going to be packed! Extrawelt was already here last year and they absolutely annihilated the club. Austrian Apparel will be making their club debut as well. AA. Is an Austrian live act that is not to be missed. Trust us. This one is just gonna be too good to miss. And also don't forget to check out the latest promo video from the crazy fucks behind the Meuterei, as it'll make you laugh your ass off.

    Saturday we welcome back the Wienerinnen into the foray. Joyce Muniz, Veronika Amie, and Misonica will be dropping some tunes. We're excited to have these three on the main floor as their sets are always a real treat. Marianne Vlaschits, one of our favourite artists is hosting the kitchen with lots of friends, trash and booze. Chaos guaranteed!

  • Schönbrunner Spelunke

    Pearls are a girl's best friend... or ist it diamonds? Who gives a shit, this Friday is all about the best type of pearls, the ones from Schönbrunn. Yes ladies and gents, the lovely Schönrunner Perlen squad is back at it again and this time they have invited Alex Q, who will be playing live. You may know Alex Q, as his music was plagiarized and resold by Frankie Deep. You may also know him by his mind boggling productions. Alex will be joined by ringleader Ken Hayakawa, as well labelmates Lupo, Rantanplan, and Herb Piper. This is gonna be good.

    Saturday we are very excited to finally have the honor of welcoming Tobi Neumann to the club. Tobi is an absolute legend in the game, and has been doing his thing for ages now. One of the nicest and most respected Djs in the game, Tobi's long career has been reflective of just how good he really is. The grooviest white man alive, Tobi shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon and that is a damn good thing. He will be joined my master Rudi, and Robot Beauty & Missile on the mainfloor. Smacs & Patrick Kong will be joined by Fabian Moos and Ebudspencer in the kitchen. See you in the Club!

  • DOEASY & kanal ROYAL

    A good weekend ahead. Friday will mark the return of Do Easy Gang who will be hosting the night. Star of the evening is Jan Krüger who has been on our list for quite a while. Do Easy will give you a chance to win a copy of their latest release as well. Watch out for it on Facebook in the next days.

    Saturday will see the club going to one of its original roots with Kanal Royal and the Grounded Theory guys straight from Berlin. If you call yourself a Techno head you know that these guys will deliver proper sound.

  • 4 years of turbo

    Friday, 4 years of Turbo. "Pflichttermin," as they say, especially with the guests of honor: dOP. We are super excited to have these freaks back at the club with us. True showmen, be sure not to miss their live show that consists of more vodka than you drink in a year. Musically these guys are some of the most original and creative artists within our genre today. This is set out to be one of the best parties of the year.

    Saturday sees the start of our new format: The Old Gold. A night dedicated to Disco and old school house classics, the hosts of the night: Rainer Klang, Slack Hippy, and Fritz Plöckinger will be digging deep in the crates to bring you some of the rarest Disco gems available. Musical education has never sounded so good before.

    If all that isn't enough for you, then come by Sunday afternoon for a few drinks and a rave in the cafe. Xander & Niederreiter, Activingers, and Dalo, will be playing and entry is free till 7pm (5€ afterwards). What a way to end the weekend....

  • Frischer Vihanna Stil

    Thursday the Jugenstil crew is back! This time they have invited a very special guest, Simon Off, from the fabulous Disko 404 crew in Graz. Known for playing some of the most interesting parties these days in Austria, these guys have been making quite a name for themselves. They have been booking some very interesting acts in the last few months, and we can't wait to see what their resident has in store for us. He will be joined by the rest of the Jugendstil crew, so this is most probably gonna be pretty awesome.

    Friday, we welcome some "Frischer Fisch" to the club: East End Dubs and Chris Lattner. These two guys have been consistently putting out dope material and have definitely been making a name for themselves. They will be joined by Ilyas Heckmann on the main floor, and Harry Krishner in the kitchen. As always, our nice price entry system is in full effect.

    Saturday we celebrate 1 year of Vihanna. To mark these festivities, the guys have invited Sinjin Hawke from Spain, who will be sharing the mainfloor with the Vihanna residents you've come to know and love. This is gonna be a good one, and there's probably also gonna be a bunch of cute girls, so this one's a no-brainer.

  • royal cosmic meuterei

    We kick things off this Thursday with another episode of Kanal Royal, our monthly free Techno party. Jojo Todos, Tilo Stahl, and Scirox will be delivering some punishment for your ears.

    Friday, we welcome back the Meuterei guys and an old friend, Robert Babicz. Robert played here last year, and he completely annihilated the club with a 7 hour live set. Let's see if he can outdo himself this time. Joining him will be all the familiar Meuterei faces we've come to know and love. It's gonna be a fun one.

    Saturday it's time to polish your dreads, and put ony all the neon clothes you can find. It's Cosmic Space Disco's seventh birthday. These parties are always off the fucking wall, and are definitely worth checking out. Rinkadink, Alezzaro, and Cougar will be taking over duties on the mainfloor, while Scheibosan & friends will be handling the kitchen. Come by and drop into another vortex.


    Friday: Old man Rudi is back with his Spelunke, and he's bringing quite a special guest along this time. Peter Cornely, aka Karotte has been in the game since before most of you were born. A true party animal and showman, Karotte is a beast behind the decks and one of the funnest guys to listen to and experience in person. Needless to say, we are super fucking excited to finally have him here, as it took a while. Defex will also be making his debut, and he will be joined my the man himself, Crazy Sonic. Kitchen will be hosted by the Taktart boys. Yes, this is gonna be a good one.

    Disco Tales is hosting the night this Saturday featuring Praslea. One of the best young DJs to emerge out of Romania's growing music scene, we can't wait to see what this virtuoso has in store for us. Praslea is definitely one of the most interesting DJs around, and we can't wait to hear him at our club. Alecante of Sunday Mornings will be warming things up, and we are super excited to have him back here too. If your girl is into hip hop, then the kitchen is where she's gonna be at. The Vihanna & Prasselbande DJs will be spinning tunes from 2300 till well into the morning hours. Do It!


    No time to Recover, as we're back again Friday with another installment of the hardest Techno party around, Kanal Royal. This time CLR protege and all out beast, Tommy Four Seven, will be gracing us with one of his sets. Some of the most pumping sets in 2013 has come from this young man. Joining him will be the Herla boys, and we cant't wait to see what they have in store for us, after they absolutely killed it last time with Adam Beyer. The kitchen will be hosted by Lost In Bass, and resident Okim will be joined by EMBDA and Daniela La Luz out of Berlin.

    Saturday we take a moment to reflect upon the best tracks of last year. What better way to do this than to let the guys from FM4 curate their best of 2013 selection. Patrick Pulsinger will be joined by Makossa, Functionist, DJ Phekt, and Trishes. It's gonna be a good one.

    Monday is a holiday so that means Sunday is a party! Not just any party though, it's Cafe am Sonntag Extended! It kicks off at 1700 in the cafe and it's gonna go on till 6am Monday morning! A who's who of the best Viennese DJs will be playing, and Robin Ma'ar will be celebrating his Birthday. Do it!

  • techno club cafe

    No time to Recover, as we're back again Friday with another installment of the hardest Techno party around, Kanal Royal. This time CLR protege and all out beast, Tommy Four Seven, will be gracing us with one of his sets. Some of the most pumping sets in 2013 has come from this young man. Joining him will be the Herla boys, and we cant't wait to see what they have in store for us, after they absolutely killed it last time with Adam Beyer. The kitchen will be hosted by Lost In Bass, and resident Okim will be joined by EMBDA and Daniela La Luz out of Berlin.

    Saturday we take a moment to reflect upon the best tracks of last year. What better way to do this than to let the guys from FM4 curate their best of 2013 selection. Patrick Pulsinger will be joined by Makossa, Functionist, DJ Phekt, and Trishes. It's gonna be a good one.

    Monday is a holiday so that means Sunday is a party! Not just any party though, it's Cafe am Sonntag Extended! It kicks off at 1700 in the cafe and it's gonna go on till 6am Monday morning! A who's who of the best Viennese DJs will be playing, and Robin Ma'ar will be celebrating his Birthday. Do it!


    Like last year, we are going to be throwing a party on the terrace so you can waltz under the stars at midnight until we move inside and get really fucking wild! Foehn & Jerome will be spinning on the open air floor starting 2300 where we're also gonna be serving Punschwein!

    Nik & Rik kick things off inside followed by Oberst & Buchner and Ken Hayakawa Live! Foehn & Jerome and Lindpert will take over in the morning until well into the 1st. The kitchen will be hosted by Jack By The Gap featuring Moogle Laminat and a few special guests. Don't bother going anywhere else before, because If you were there last year, you know shit is about to get nuts.


    Christmas is one of those affairs that we love, as it's perfectly acceptable to get smashed 5 nights in a row and spend your days chilling in your underwear and watching 2 and a half men.

    Starting Thursday, we are gonna party through till way into Sunday morning. Jugendstil kicks off the weekend and this time they have invited Praterei's Kido Soon. Joining him will be the rest of the Jugendstil crew. Expect dope music!

    Friday we're gonna Vorglühen before NYE. Ringleader Patrick Testor will e joined by the crews of "Techno Sonntag", "Do Easy", "Viennoise", and a whole lot more. This is gonna be a nice get together before all the New Year's madness starts. Grab all your friends and come on down, as this has all the ingredients for a proper party.

    Saturday we host the second evening of the annual Vienna Drum & Bass festival featuring pretty much every Viennese Drum & Bass DJ in existence. It's always nice to see the D&B community get together nd throw down an epic party. Add in a nice price of only 10€ and you've got yourself a plan for Saturday night.

  • Merry Xmas

    We kick things off this Thursday with our awesome monthly Techno party, Kanal Royal. Entry is as always for free, and this time Nino Sebelic, Dj Mushroom, and Jojo Todos will be taking over duties on the wheels of steel. Great excuse for being hungover at work on Friday.

    Friday Meuterei is throwing a bit of a Christmas party, and to celebrate this they have invited pretty much every Viennese Dj. From Rick Moser's & Moxx's sophisticated deep house, to Fabian Hofer & Andreas Reiter's all out techno assault, you're sure to find something good here. Meuterei is always a good time, so don't expect anything else this time.

    Saturday come and party for a good cause. Help Philippines Please is a charity project, where the proceeds go to the victims of the latest disaster in the Philippines. All the DJ's are gonna be playing for free, and the entrance goes to charity. There's gonna be some awesome Philippino food as well (Spring Rolls and all kinds of other good stuff). Come by and party for a good cause!

  • Thank you

    Thank you all for coming Out and going totally crazy last weekend and for the last 2 years. It has been a blast.

    On to the future, we have quite an exciting weekend in store for you guys. Thursday we kick things off with Klub Sir3ne and Friday we welcome Andrew Weatherall to the club. Andrew is a Techno legend who is pretty much considered royalty within our scene. He hasn't been to Vienna in ages, so we are super excited to have him at the club. Moogle will be supporting, and the Vienna Wildstyle guys will be hosting the kitchen.

    Saturday it's Stadtpark time again! This time we have quite an epic. Booking for you guys. Soul Capsule is Thomas Melchior and Baby Ford, who are best known for their ultra rare seminal deep house classics. Required listening for any fan of the genre. The two masters will be playing a rare back to back set, so needless to say we are super excited. This is going to be something special.

  • Happy Birthday

    We are turning two! To celebrate this we have an epic weekend ahead of us. Anyone that came to our last birthday party can surely testify that this is gonna be one of the best weekends of the year.

    Thursday we got another edition of Homewerk for you guys. Guest of honor this time is Joja (V Are) as well as Laminat, BCKSRCKR, and Goldcut Crates. The Tingel Tangel guys are going to be hosting (or destroying) the cafe, depending on how you see it. You'd be hard pressed to have more fun anywhere on a Thursday night.

    Friday we officially kick off the 2 year celebration with none other than the queen of Techno herself, Magda. We are beyond excited to have Magda back at the club, especially as she will be playing on our birthday. One of our favorite DJs in the world, a little semen is dripping out of us as we speak. Fauna and Ken Hayakawa will be taking over support duties, and the crazy fucks from Meuterei will be transforming the kitchen into a rowdy pirate ship. This is one of those nights that is simply gonna be unmissable. It's gonna be so good, its worth coming by even with a 40 degree fever!

    Saturday is part 2 of our birthday madness. Madness because here the entry is absolutely free all night! Yes FREEEEEE! No matter if you come at 11 in the evening or 11 Sunday morning (yes there will be an afterhour), you pay 0 Euros! The craziness doesn't stop there, as we've invited legendary party animals and performers extraordinaire Guti and Argenis Brito, who will both be performing live! Andy Catana, Jokl, and Daniel S. will be rounding off the lineup, which will last well into Sunday. Your best bet is to come both days!


    Happy Monday everyone! It's time to shake the cobwebs out of your heads and get ready for the next weekend which starts promptly on Thursday with Jugendstil. A new Thursday format featuring some of our favorites such as MOTSA, Herla, and friends. We are super excited to see what these guys have up their sleeve for us. Sounds like a good excuse for a hungover Friday morning.

    Friday we are super stoked to welcome Disco Tales back into the mix. They are bringing back an old friend, Dyed Soundorom, who one could consider a resident at this point. As always, we are gonna have a hip hop kitchen, so you'll get the chance bust out a few moves and make a fool of yourselves. This is gonna be good.

    Saturday we celebrate 2 years of Sexy Deutsch! Where does the name "Sexy Deutsch" come from exactly? We're not sure, but we'll try to find out this Saturday as we welcome X-Coast, Feloneezy, and the rest of their crew. The kitchen is hosted by Rhinoplasty, so this party should get pretty freaky, pretty quickly. Come!


    Thursday the Klub Sir3ne crew is back with special guest Moogle. The monthly UK bass driven club consists of some of the most interesting new Viennese DJs at the moment, so get ready for a sonic treat. Entry is 5 €, so you'd be hard pressed to find something better to do on a Thursday night.

    Friday we welcome a:rpia:r legend Rhadoo back to the club. One of the most sophisticated and interesting DJs around, get ready for a sensory experience that you won't forget anytime soon. Hard to categorize, Rhadoo is one of the biggest names of the underground. Very futuristic, yet also retro, this man knows what he is doing behind the decks. Christopher Groove will be warming up, and we are super excited to have him back as well. Puffzack will be taking care of business in the kitchen with Maximilian, Weise, and P33tz. This one is gonna be VERY good.

    Saturday we have another Drum & Bass party! This time it's gonna be a CIA label night featuring Total Science, Zero T, and a whole lot of others. If you're into Drum & Bass, then you're gonna dig this shit! Our good friend Audiodevice will also be warming up, so come on down and say hi. See ya.


    Thursday it's Kanal Royal time again. You know, that monthly Thursday techno party that's guaranteed to rock your socks off. Scirox, Tilo Stahl, and Nino Stelzl are the guests of honor so get ready for some undeniable heaviness. Free entry all night, so what else are you gonna do on a school night?

    Come on Friday and get ready to walk the plank again! Meuterei is back and they're bringing an old friend with them: Dusty Kid. The Italian wunderkind destroyed the club something fierce the last time he played here so don't expect anything different this time. Expect all the craziness that we've come to know from the Meuterei crew and more!

    Saturday we have a true house legend in the house. Rick Wade has been around since before you were born and his experience shines through each and every one of his releases and DJ sets. One of the true masters! We are super excited to hear this guy at the club. The New Tower Generation will be supporting Rick with one of their epic live sets. No matter if it's Techno, pirate craziness, or underground house, you'll be sure to find something this weekend.


    Thursday: It's Homewerk time again. Guest of honour this time is Lando Kal of Hotflush fame. This guy's style is hard to categorize, but fits somewhere between Techno, Acid and Electro. Tingel Tangel is in the Cafe, and the Homewerk residents take over the kitchen. Do it!

    Friday: Rudi's Spelunke is back with a bonafide Techno veteran: Christian Smith. This guy has been producing and djing since most of you were just a glimmer in your father's eye way back when. In the kitchen we have a Well Done showcase featuring Marlon Hoffstadt and a few others. Sounds like it's gonna be a good one.

    Saturday: Get ready for another installment of Frischer Fisch. Manuel Schatz & Max Vaahs are flying over from Germany to provide the soundtrack to another epic night. Pertinat (aka Laminat & Lampert) will be warming things up, and Kleiner Knoche & Phillinger are gonna be handling shit in the kitchen. As usual entry is free for girls, 5€ for students, and 8€ for the rest of you.


    We have a hard week ahead of us. Thursday is Halloween and we have quite a party lined up for you guys. Gregorythm and Liviu Groza are coming by. They will be joined by Ken Hayakawa, Kloihofer & Sturmberger. The Meat Market boys will be hosting the kitchen so you know this one is gonna be wild. Don't forget your costumes, you know we have a thing for Halloween.

    Friday we welcome FACT Barcelona into the mix. Guest of honor is Darius Syrossian who will be making his Vienna debut. He will be joined by Def Mike and DJ Herr, who is the party's resident DJ. We look forward to having this Barcelona establishment within our walls.

    Saturday we have a new party for you: DIE WIENERINNEN. Here we showcase our favorite Viennese DJanes. The mainfloor will be hosted by the Viennoise girls, Anna Leiser and Joja will be dropping some tunes in the kitchen. Entrance is free for men and 5€ for girls, so guys man up and invite your ladies!


    Thursday we kick off the Wien Modern festival with a bit of a party. The night starts with an instrumental live performance by the Klangforum Wien. Don't let that scare you off, as the Tingel Tanel crew will be playing after them. The kitchen is hosted by Zirkus Maximus, resulting in one of the weirdest but funnest Thursdays ever. Don't miss this.

    Friday we welcome true Techno legend, Adam Beyer to the club. Adam has been in the game for about 20 years now, and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Expect his signature style of Drumcode techno, hard and relentless, yet super groovy at the same time. Nicolas Bacher and Herla will also be making their mainfloor debuts, and the Praterei boys will be hosting the kitchen. Turbo is back! If that wasn't enough, we are also hosting the annual Gürtelaffäre afterhour in the morning, which last year was probably the craziest fucking party Vienna has ever seen!

    Saturday we have another installment of progressive selection, featuring a lineup that's longer than most chinese takeaway menus. The best that this scene has to offer awaits, so if you're into that sort of thing, you better not miss this. With all the ingredients of an epic party, these progressive lifoeforms will be sure to rock your world.


    Thursday we see the return of Kanal Royal, for all of you that like it a bit harder. NYC and Vienna Techno veteran, TJ Hicks will be headlining the festivities this time around. Schwartz and Touch Me will also be playing so get your ass on down on a schoolnight. There is free entry so there really is no excuse.

    Friday we finally welcome Dubfire to our club! This man needs no introduction so you're not gonna find one here. One of the most prolific Techno DJs in the world, we have a feeling that he is going to absolutely destroy the club. It's going to be quite a wild party, as there is also an afterhour in the morning. Expect all the craziness we've come to know from the Meuterei guys, and much much more. This is going to be a MeutereI "de luxe". Unmissable!

    Saturday Sonic Wave makes it's way back after the Summer Break. FuLgeance and Lefto will be the DJs of the night, featuring support from Sonic Wave's own Majestic Mood. Hunter S. Tobsen & Kalifornia Kurt will be hosting the kitchen so expect a night of freaky, good eclectic music. For 12€ there is no better option this Saturday night.


    Exciting stuff this week!

    It all starts Thursday with Klub Sir3ne which is now happening monthly in your most favourite venue. Post dubstep, UK Bass, call it what you want, these guys are good. The residents will be joined my Michael Monsta so this is gonna be interesting. Entry is 5 € so get your ass over here.

    Friday we are super excited to finally have the godfather ZIP back again. The founder of Perlon, this guy is truly a legend. He's been in the game since before you were born, and it truly shows in his DJ skills. Expect fantastic mixing combined with an excellent track selection. Expect the unexpected. He will be joined by the rest of the Stadtpark crew in what will no doubt be an unforgettable Friday night.

    Saturday Danceteria is bringing you Paul Woolford, one of the most talented producers of our time and signed on Scuba's Hotflush label. Paul's work is hard to categorize yet it always has a distinct feeling to it. Also this is the official ELEVATE FESTIVAL warm up party. Sounds like another 3 day weekend to us!


    Summer is officially over, which means our three day weekends are back.

    Thursday we kick things off with Helena Hauff of the infamous Golden Pudel in Hamburg. The Homewerk crew have graciously invited her over and will be hosting the kitchen floor. Farbtechnographie will be supporting, and the men of Tingel Tangel will be hosting the cafe. Thats right, their Tingeltangelmobil IN the cafe! Expect madness and you won't be disappointed.

    Friday Schönbrunner Perlen will be hosting things and they have invited the Cosmic Cowboys from Venice. The two Djs will be bringing their version of "cosmic" House & Techno to the club, which makes them the perfect combination for our local matadors. Ken Hayakawa & Herb Piper will be warming you up and cooling you down. Klub Fraktal will be in the kitchen so come on by and get down.

    Saturday we welcome back the Do Easy Crew with their record release party. Guest of honor is Julien Bracht who had provided a sick remix on the B side. A true "Live" act, Julien has drum skills that put some rockstars to shame. A born showman, be sure not to miss this youngster's Vienna premiere. Andy Catana, Daniel Kovac, Paul Messing, and friends will round off the rest of the night.

    Whatever you're into, we've got something in store for you this week!

  • Sammy Science

    This Friday we welcome back Sammy Dee, who in October played one of the best sets we've ever heard at the club. Sammy Dee, along with ZIP runs the esteemed Perlon label as well as the legendary monthly "Get Perlonized" party within the infamous walls of the Panorama Bar. With a career spanning well over 20 years, and a record collection to match, get ready for the finest deep house and techno that planet Earth has to offer. Thomas Grün will be warming up, and we are super excited to have him back as well. Vihanna will be in the kitchen playing hip hop, so no matter what floats your boat, you're gonna get you money's worth.
    Especially since entry is only Ten fucking Euros!

    Saturday WEARETHESH.IT will be taking over the club. Mumbai Science of Lotus Recordings will be flying in to drop some bombs on your brain. Bört and the rest of the guys will be taking over support duties, and we are definitely excited to have them back again. The last party was an absolute bomb, and this time will be no different. EEZLO and GVBBV will be in the kitchen, all that's missing is you on the dance floor.


    Hello, and welcome to the start of a new week.

    Take it easy, go do some sports, because Friday will cost you all your strength! Meuterei is back from a long summer break, and trust us, we can't wait for this one! Blawan, one of the most exciting figures of modern techno, will be coming down to blow the roof off the club! Expect an all out techno assault plus the usual shenanigans we're used to from the Meuterei crew. If this all sounds a bit too extreme for you, then head over to the kitchen where our friend Anna Ullrich will be making her DJing debut.

    Sound like fun? That's because it is.

    Saturday we have some sashimi grade "Frischer Fisch" waiting for you at the club. This time it's flown in from Holland as we get ready to host two of the most innovative young musicians we've had in a while. Ivano tetelepta & Roger Geressen will be joined by our host of the evening, Lampert.

    As always the nice price is in effect, so girls get in for free, students for 5€, and everyone else pays 8€. What's your excuse?


    Friday: This time Rudi has finally lost his shit, and is bringing us one of the best lineups we've ever had here. Adana Twins and Joyce Muniz are two of the hottest DJs at the moment, representing the infamous Exploited brand. HNQO are also gonna be coming down for their Vienna premiere. We also have Viennese legends Smacs & Patrick Kong playing in the kitchen and on the terrace. Peter Schumann, Carlos Lamar, and Captain Rudi himself will be rounding off the rest of the lineup. Nuts!

    Saturday: The end of June saw the first installment of the joint venture by two crews responsible for original parties since way back in the day. The Bebop Rodeo and Love Movement heads have been around for ages, and it's always nice to see what they've got going behind the decks We thought it would be a nice idea to invite them back to the club and continue this nice little tradition. Proper vibes.

    Sunday: Its the last edition of Christopher Justs superfunny summertalks aka "Sommergespräche". This time author and journalist Doris Knecht will be Christophers special guest. All happening at 6pm on our beloved terrace. We are very much looking forward!


    Friday sees the grand finale of our free fridays parties! Thank you all for coming out and partying so hard. This summer was absolutely epic. For the final installment we have quite an show planned for you. The funkroom crew will be hosting the party and they are going to be digging deep in their record bags to provide you with some gems. They are bringing the whole crew out and will be hosting the terrace as well, so come on out and enjoy one of the last days of Summer.

    For almost everyone, radio is the number one medium when it comes to music and their first introduction to subcultures in general. Next to mainstream we’ve all been following independent stations like the one we are celebrating on Saturday. Radio Orange has been going strong for 15 years now. This is reason enough to throw a proper party with live line up, indoor and outdoor. Get there early to catch the whole program. There are too many acts to name so just trust us (and Radio Orange).

    On Sunday Christopher Just will visit us again to host another edition of Summer Talks on our <>< Terrace. This time with special guest SKERO of famous Texta crew. Start is at 6pm. Do not miss out on this one - Comedy guaranteed!


    This weekends we have quite a bunch of surprises in store for you. No matter what you're into, you're gonna find something that floats your boat.

    Friday we see another Drum & Bass party for the first time in ages. Mood meets Grelle Forelle is the name of this shindig, and if you were at the last party, you know that D&B sounds sick here! We have Redeyes, The Insiders & Collette Warren, and Pennygilles all flying in. Rounding things off, will be a star studden local lineup. Come over and get down!

    Saturday the terrce will be hosting the guys from Klub Kariert. One of the most exciting new collectives, we're excited to see what these guys are gonne be bringing to the table. Should go down nicely with a burger and a beer.

    Sunday we are excited as hell to welcome our old friend, party animal, and generally epic dude, Carl Hardy back to the club. Carl has been promoting the Northern Purpose parties in the UK for quite some time now which have been gaining reputation as one of the most authentic and important deep house nights out there. He’s bringing some friends, so fathers lock up your daughters and come have a few beers with the lads.

  • LET'S GO!

    Super exciting weekend ahead!

    The crews of Bubble Club & Prasselbande have been making waves for some time now, so expect a fucking tsunami when these two crews join forces on Friday. Once again the entrance is free so you really have no choice but to man up and go! The Bubbleclub crew will be taking care of business on the terrace, while the Prasselbande boys will be handling things on the mainfloor.

    Saturday we say happy birthday to Mr. Ken Hayakawa!!! This was probably one of the best parties of last year, so make sure not to miss it. Channel F & Herb Piper will be providing the soundtrack to the terrace, and Julian & Der Fux, Catekk, and the birthday boy will be celebrating inside. It's gonna be good!

    Sunday we have round 2 of Christopher Just's Sommergespräche. This time Electric Indigo will be coming down to chew the fat with Chris on the terrace. Electric Indigo is one of the most respected and esteemed DJs to ever come out of Vienna. Come by and hear a story or two!

  • Easy Weekend

    This Thursday we have a special treat for you guys. It's time for a Grelle Forelle open air party on the terrace. A bunch of friends will be coming by to play some tunes and enjoy the nice August weather. It's gonna be going on from 10 am till 10 pm, so no matter if you're coming from the afterhour or just woke up feeling fresh and hungry, there will be something to put a smile on your face. Grab your friends, come by and get a burger because these are the days you're gonna miss in November.

    Friday we have a very exciting Do Easy Labelnight in store for you guys. Things will be kicking off on the terrace where Daniel Kovac & Paul Messing will be playing live. We're very excited to see what these two virtuosos have been working on for the last couple of months. Later things get going in the club with Andy Catana, Matthäus Seiringer, Paul Messing, and Daniel Kovac. Should be a fun one and it's free again!

    Saturday the terrace is hosted by Wearetheshit, which means Bört will be spinning some tunes. Sounds like a reason to come by, get a snack and listen to some tunes.

    Sunday it's another Superfly session, this time with Monsieur Smoab from Rare and Well Done. The best way to end the weekend!


    Thursday it's time for another hip hop concert! This time none other than the motherfucking man of the moment, Waka Flocka Flame, will be coming down to entertain us with his signature brand of dirty south. The New York City, Jamaica born rap cat who eventually relocated to Atlanta will be coming down to do some damage! Flocka is known for tracks like Rooster in my Rari, Hard in the Paint and more bangers. Brought to you by Purple Drank and Schwarzbrot - two underground party heads that know what’s up. Don't fuckin' miss this!

    To speak of Hans Nieswandt strictly as a DJ would do the man great injustice. He is perhaps best known as a well respected author for the Goethe Institute, traveling the world and educating audiences about German life & culture. He's also written books depicting life as a traveling DJ, which means he might know a thing or two about spinning records. We're excited to see what he brings to the table (or booth) this Friday. Support comes via the Deephousemafia & friends, so you're guaranteed to hear a track or two that you won't find on beatport. Expect sophisticated, smooth, sexy, house music. Most of all, expect the unexpected.

    Saturday the club is closed, but that doesn't mean we aren't going to have some fun in the sun on the terrace! Our two favorite party animals, Patrick Testor and Will, will be playing some records and drinking some shots. Feel free to join them as we celebrate another chilled out summer night by the water.

    Sunday we have something completely new for you guys. Christopher Just's "Sommergespräche" will be taking place. Christopher Just is definitely one of Vienna's technoscene pioneers. For this "Sommergespräch" he is inviting longtime colleague and friend Patrick Pulsinger to the terrace so they can talk about Techno, Women, and god knows what else. We have no fucking clue how this is going to turn out, but it has all the ingredients to result in epicness!

  • The Heat Is On

    This Friday we have a special treat. The superhero collective also known as the Fantastic 5 will be making a rare appearance. The fantastic 5 consists of: Markus Lindner, Andy Catana, Dario Loerke, Ilyas Heckmann, and of course Johannes Lampert. If you just thought to yourself that it reads like a who's who of Vienna's (and Germany's) biggest party animals, you are right.
    Expect awesome music, and blood alcohol levels way beyond 2.0 Mg/L. This is going to be epic! The boys will also be starting things off on the terrace in the afternoon, so we're taking bets on who's still gonna be standing at the end of the night. 

    Saturday it's Roswell 47's birthday party on the terrace. The man himself will be spinning some tunes, and pouring a drink or two. Whether you know him or not, feel free to come on down and get a cocktail with a bite to eat! 

    Sunday the terrace is hosted by Superfly again. This time featuring 7 Citizens of Praterei fame. He's been in the game for a minute and has covered pretty much all bases throughout his career. One half of the critically acclaimed radio show 313 on Vienna's Superfly station. Get familiar!

  • Cosmic Dancers

    First off thanks to all you crazy bastards that came out last weekend. The Schönbrunner release party was off the hook!

    This Friday we bring you another installment of our Free Fridays. This time sees the return of Danceteria. Expect deep, sexy, adult oriented house music. Again it's a free party, so get your ass down here and hit on some girls. Praterei Crew will be starting the party off on the terrace, and Functionist, Majestic Mood, and Mr. Ho will be laying it down inside. Rumor has it that Oberst Veit might even be making an appearance.

    Saturday sees a deluxe installment of Cosmic Space Disco. The guest of honor is non other than the legendary Perfect Stranger who will be playing two sets. His first set will be on the terrace in the afternoon so come by early for a daytime party! He will be playing live later on in the club and will be joined by the Cosmic residents and usual suspects. Whether you're a fan of the music or not, it's worth coming by just to check out the decoration and general vibe of the party!

    Come over on Sunday to nurse your hangover with an ice cold cocktail and something to eat. Majestic Mood & Harry Krishner will be spinning some smoothness for you. Terrace opens at 1pm!


    The weekend starts early as on Thursday we have the homewerk crew taking care of business in the kitchen. Tha Frankfurt based producer Florian Kupfer will be joined by Laminat and Farbtechnographie. Come for the ambiance, stay for the music!

    Friday we have the second party of our free Fridays. This time we have invited the Schönbrunner Perlen crew to showcase what they do best: atmospheric & emotional electronic music. Oberst & Buchner will be kicking things off on the Terrace in the afternoon, and later MOTSA, Emil Berliner, Ken Hayakawa, and Denis Yashin will be playing inside. The last Schönbrunner Perlen showcase was one of our best parties ever, so don't you dare to miss this. Plus it is absolutely free so you dont have any excuses.

    Saturday and Sunday night the club is officially closed, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't come by the terrace for a bite to eat and some drinks. Saturday we have the funkroom guys playing and Sunday is hosted by Superfly featuring Shantisan.

  • Icke Action

    We've got some fun shit in store this week. Not one, not two, but three premieres happening in the space of a weekend!

    Thursday, Vice magazine and Purple Drank join forces to bring you one of the hottest names in hip hop right now: Action Bronson (!), who will be making his Austrian debut. This isn't just one for the hip hop heads, as this dude is all about putting on a good show. Check out some of his youtube videos to get an idea what this guy is all about. It's going to be fucking crazy!

    Friday sees the first installment of our Free Fridays. Yeah that's right, during Summer Fridays are absolutely free. This time we welcome our guests from the wild west for a Provinznacht. Jokl, Dean Youngblood, and a crew of West Coasters will be taking over duties in what will no doubt be a very fun night leaving us all with a severe hangover Saturday morning.

    Saturday is the return of the mighty Icke Micke! After pretty much laying the foundation for what the scene is today, Icke Micke somewhat disappeared only to resurface now and then for a one off party. This Saturday marks the first episode within the holy walls of the <><, and the guest of honor is Dj Phono of Diynamic and Deichkind fame.


    This Friday we have a very, very special treat for you guys. Sturm & Drang will be bringing over Tale Of Us for their first appearance in Vienna since August 2011. The Italian duo has been producing and remixing one bomb after the other for quite some time now. Believe us, it's taken ages for us to get them here, so we are fucking excited. Their music and productions are a mixture of new sounds and genres ranging from pop to house, nu/disco to rock with everything in between, music that can make people dance feeling their deepest emotions come alive. We are anxious to see the Sturm & Drang premiere within our walls, as these guys are known for their attention to detail and quality in every aspect. Kalifornia Kurt will be taking over terrace duties starting at 1800. Masha Dabelka and Perrez will be rounding things off on the main floor.

    Saturday marks the start of our inofficial summer break. Starting in July the club will be mainly closed on Saturday. This leaves more time for you guys to get up early, grab a Gin Tonic and something to eat during the day. The terrace will be open and it will be sunny! This Saturday our friend from Carinthia, Will Javernik will be playing alongside with master Christopher Groove. Who knows maybe it could get out of hand..


    Thursday we kick things off with Kanal Royal. As part of the summer assault edition there will be no entry fee, just brutal, relentless techno. Truss (UK) will be joined by the likes of Herla, Cem, Art:Mono, and Jojo Todos. Expect darkness, strobes, techno. Expect the unexpected. This is going to be a wild one...

    Friday we have something very special in store for you. The Dimensions festival, which takes place beginning of September in an abandoned fort in Croatia, will be celebrating a launch party here in Vienna. We're super excited for this one becaue if youve ever seen a poster for the dimensions festival, you know that these guys are all about quality. Here they have invited Radio 1's Benji B as well as Jonas Lion (BE) and a plethora of local Djs to round things off.

    Saturday two of Vienna’s finest Dj crews will join forces for the end of the month. Bebop Rodeo will be squaring off against the Love Movement, bringing you a dope mix of House, UK Funk, Hip Hop and more. Everybody who has had the pleasure to attend one of their original parties already knows that there will be a dope vibe throughout the night. Heavy rotation can be expected on both floors until the wee hours of the night.

  • Midsummer Madness

    Friday is officially the longest day of the year. It might also be the longest night of the year, seeing as how it's time for a long overdue Meuterei. Before we all set sail for the summer, it's time for another episode of drunken debauchery featuring all the guys that made last season so epic. 15 DJs will provide the soundtrack lasting from the afternoon till the very wee hours of the morning.

    Saturday we have some true legends in the house, firstly in form of DJ Hell. The munich machine has been going strong for over 20 years now and has shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon. We are also excited to announce that Peter Kruder will be taking over duties on the warm up front along with Thomas Mayr. Peter Kruder was responsible for forging a new sound of Vienna that took listeners around the globe by storm. Let's not get stuck in the past though, come by and see what the future has in store for you this Saturday.


    A big "thank you" to everyone who came out to the terrace this weekend! We were blessed with lovely people, lovely weather, and lovely food. We're looking forward to an epic Summer!

    This is going to be a wild week! You guys could theoretically come party every day from Wednesday until Sunday night. Just don't blame us when your wife/husband throw your ass out on the street. We start things off Wednesday with Dark Disko and the State Of Sabotage afterparty (a brilliant exhibition of Rob Jelinkes artificial state project at Viertelneun Gallery). Alcohol will be served.

    Thursday is going to be a fun one. We have the Love Movement bringing over Kaytranada in the main room, and Wettfishin' hosting the kitchen with Andri (Cityfox, Zürich). Two worlds are set to collide in what will no doubt be an epic showdown of House meets HipHop. This is going to be fun.

    Friday It's time to Sturz! This time Foehn & Jerome have invited their friends from Wareika. Wareika is a real "live" act, not some ableton/controller bullshit. Real instruments, real performers, real music! Just the way we like it. Matthias Fuchs will be warming things up, and before we open the club we are all going to have a nice session on the new terrace (and maybe a burger or two).

    Saturday it's time for the second installment of Sonic Wave. Hyperdub label honcho Kode9 is about to drop some serious material on the night. One of the original members of the DMZ nights in south London, he founded Hyperdub to release artists by the likes of Burial and many more. Spearheading the forward thinking movement he soon became one of the most sought after Djs to listen to in a club situation with a vast array of music spanning from Grime to Hip Hop, House, Footwork and Garage. He will be sharing the turntables with Mosca, who gained much respect for his worldwide dancefloor killers "Done Me Wrong" and "Tilt Shift". Nowadays he has his own show on BBC Radio 1 and travels the world, delivering incredibly versatile dj sets. South London is in the house.

    Sunday come by and enjoy a chilled out day in the sun. There will also be a flea market curated by the lovely Lieblingsflohmarkt Crew and a mini block party in collaboration with "das Werk". Bring your parents!

  • The Terrace is open

    Supposedly it's already June. It doesn't seem like it due to the weather, but apparently this is the beginning of Summer. The weather is scheduled to improve a little which means this weekend we finally open our terrace. Expect awesome food, drinks, and even fucking ice cream from the hipster's favorite: Eisgreisslerei! Sebi Neuschler is the chef de cuisine, and trust us when we say that this guy rocks. Open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (weather permitting of course)

    Thursday > 1st TIME > VASISTAS:vanitas

    Friday > Kanal Royal is back with an insane lineup. We've got Subjected, Evirgen, Steinwald, and Tilo Stahl. Expect lots of fog, strobes, and undeniable heaviness between the decks. This is techno in it's purest, rawest fucking form, with absolutely nothing to do with the current commercial "techno" parties. Might not be the best romantic date night as this party will be hard as fuck, you have been warned!

    Saturday > it's time for the best student friendly party in the world: Frischer Fisch! As usual entry is free for ladies, 5 € for students, and 8 € for the rest of you scumbags. This time we have invited the residents of Romania's best club, Club Midi, to grace us behind the turntables. Kid Chriss and Mihigh are their names, and believe us, they are unbelievable! Support comes from Jokl and Alecante. Dennes Deen will be making his <>< premier as he will be kicking things off on the terrace. Welcome to the weekend.


    Well we wanted to open the terrace this weekend, but unfortunately seeing as how this is Vienna, we are having November weather in June. Sorry folks but you're gonna have to wait another week.

    By the way, Thursday is a holiday, which means Wednesday is a party! None other thank Wunderkind David august will be coming down to the club to grace us with a rare LIVE appearance. This guy has taken a break from touring in order to finish his new album "Times", as well as his studies as a Tonmeister. We're super excited to have him at the club as it's been years since he last played in Vienna. Catekk and Luis Rosenberg will be handling the support duties on the main floor, while the kitchen will bear witness to a 3M session. Good Shit

    Friday it's time for another Danceteria. This time they've invited the lads from Bicep for their Vienna premiere. Things get interesting here as the Luv Shack crew will also be playing their signature brand of smooth disco house. Canudigit will be in the kitchen, and the Danceteria residents round off mainfloor duties. Don't miss this one.

    Saturday is Stadtpark time again! The guest of honor here is Ms. Sonja Moonear, who has been destroying clubs around the world for quite some time now, and is really coming into her own. It's no wonder then, that Ricardo Villalobos has been playing most of his recent sets back to back with her. Jokl, Dario, Markus, and Ilyas will playing their awesome shit as always, so come on down and enjoy the party!

  • Shitty Life Manøvers

    This week is full of exciting shit. Best part of all, is that it's short. Fear not, the weekend is just around the corner. Friday we set sail with the Manøver crew again. This time the lads have a very interesting booking: Kasper Bjørke. Widely regarded as being Trentemøller's prodigy, we are excited what this young man from Copenhagen brings to the table. Equally as accomplished as a remixer and dj, this night will surely have the most interesting music in town. The Manøver crew will be rounding things off on the main floor, while the Stadtpark boys will be taking care of business in the kitchen. Isch Guat!

    Saturday we have two parties at once! If you're at the Life Ball, be sure to come visit our floor, "Room 1001". We've got DJ Hell, Philipp Straub, Christopher Groove, Jokl, and Ken Hayakawa! Its located on the top floor right next to the "Wappensaal". We should be pretty easy to find as we are bringin a massive soundsystem and planning to shake the building down to it's foundation! If you don't have tickets, don't worry beause there's a pretty cool party at the <>< too. Bart B More will be playing for the wearetheshit crew. Expect electro, expect bass, expect the enexpected!

  • disco heaven

    The word "Legend" is thrown around loosely these days. Here and there a visiting dj comes into town that somewhat deserves the praise, but not Kerri Chandler. Kerri, you can rest assured is a bonafide motherfucking god. He's been making records and DJing since before you were just a gleam in your dad's eye. A spiritual man, Kerri prays before making a record. Each project is an attempt to inject his free spirit into a groove. In the expanses of his breaks the odd counter rhythm will inexplicably appear for a second and then disappear, creating fleshy excitement, not mechanical repetition.Kerri is almost more of a preacher than he is a dj. On a never ending mission to spread his word of how house should sound. Laminat will be opening the festivities on the mainfloor, while the kitchen will as always, be hosted by the Love Movement.

    Saturday it's the Life Ball warmup! In case you don't have tickets yet, this is your last chance to get some, as we will be selling the last 100 left. Seeing as how the Life Ball motto is "1001 Nights" grab your shiniest Aladdin wardrobe and join the party. Nils, Sonic Seven, and Gerald Van Der Hint will be taking over duties behind the wheels of steel. The kitchen will be hosted by an old friend: Willy Wonka, and yes it will be trashy as fuck! So no matter what you're into, this weekend has something to definetely float your boat!

  • 4 Day Nightmare

    Four days in a row! Get ready to go on a bender of epic proportions that would make even Charlie Sheen shit his pants. The marathon starts this Wednesday and doesn't stop till you wake up in a puddle of your own piss on Sunday.

    Wednesday is Cafe Sturz time again. This time they are bringing a very special guest. Nastia was once known as Nastia Beauty. Those times are long gone, and she has proved that she is more than just a pretty face. No wonder, as she is one of the Arma17 residents in Moscow, as well as being one of the shooting stars of the European deep house scene. One of the nicest and humblest people you'll ever meet, we can't wait for her to destroy the club. Foehn & Jerome will be warming up, so make sure you come early. In case that wasn't enough, entrance is only 10€ and Thursday is a holiday, so you have no excuse. See you there.

    Thursday it's time for Wettfishin again. The monthly party that's guaranteed to get out of hand. Your hosts Scheibosan and MikMok are bringing their crazy ass crew for another excercise in debauchery. This month's guest is Guido Meloni from the wild wild west.

    Friday it's finally Do Easy time again. After the last release did so well, the crew decided that it was time to throw another party again. This time Onur Ozer will be gracing the decks. This night has quality written all over it with supporting DJs: Andy Catana, Paul Messing, and Daniel Kovac. The kitchen will be hosted by the happy "Guten Morgen" crew. Sounds pretty fucking awesome if you ask us.

    Saturday we say "Happy Birthday" to the progressive selection crew. A star studded lineup consisting of the "whos who" of the genre will be dropping by. No matter if youre an old psy head or a young deep house freak. There's guaranteed to be something to suit your palate. Enjoy

  • May Brings Purple Karma

    What a week this one will be. Shit kicks off early this time as Wednesday just neatly happens to be a holiday. Tuesday night is the Maispace party with Egyptian Lover, and the best part about it is that it's completely free!!! That's right, free as in 0 €, all you have to do is register online or at the club on the night of the party. Shit will be kicking off outside at 1pm at the questionably titled "sharing economy camp" There will be a flea market, bands, beer, and all kinds of fun stuff. Don't miss it, and if you do, at least come to the party which starts at 10pm.

    Friday we are super excited for our very first hip hop party!!! Purple Drank are opening the gates, and will be bringing J Rocc over to man the wheels of steel. Beatjunkies, Stones Throw, Jaylib, Madlib. J Rocc is not only affiliated with them but is actually a part of them; be it as a tour Dj or as a part of the whole collective. In addition he is reppin’ hard as a solo act, globetrotting, playing records in clubs from Osaka to Tokyo via Los Angeles, Paris London, Moscow and New York. On the vocal side he will get a warm-up by Vienna’s rap wonder Mirakle who started rhyming at an early age and soon got attention from blogs for his viral tracks and mixtapes. Going back to the Dj aspect of things we have Vienna’s finest - The Clonious and Eezlo. HAM will be cooking up classic Hip Hop in the kitchen all night long. Hip Hop fan or not, don't miss this!

    Saturday our man Met D'Phunk is back with Digital Karma #2. Last time was massive with Karmon, so it's only fair to assume that this one will be as equally, if not more awesome than the last one. Benoit & Sergio (Visionquest) are the guests this time. B & S have been making some of the funkiest music we've heard in a while, so this party has all the right ingredients for a bomb night!

  • Turbo Spelunken Wave

    Damn, our heads are still ringing from last Friday's Turbo, and on Thrusday it's already time for the next one. Somehow we fucking managed to get SETH TROXLER !!! to play here on very short notice. It's been about 4 years since he last played in Vienna, so if you miss this show you might not see him for some time to come. Who is Seth Troxler you might ask? Nah fuck that you probably know who he is, seeing as how he has established himself as one of the top 5 DJs in the world. Needless to say, we are more than just a bit excited that he is finally coming this Thursday. Trust us, we've been working on this one for a while. The Leap boys will be supporting him on the main floor, while Sodom & Gomorrha will be hosting the kitchen.

    Friday we anxiously await the debut of Dominik Eulberg at the <><. One of the protagonists off the minimal scene a few years back, Eulberg has established himself as one of the most exciting DJs in the techno scene recently. With some of the most creative track titles in the game, he gets most of his inspiration from his second job, which is a forest ranger. Joyce Muniz, Kaltstøm & Berliner, Rudi, plus a few others will be taking over support duties. It's gonna be a fun Friday.

    Saturday we welcome the newest party addition to our family: Sonic Wave. For their opening party, the guys have got quite an act for us. None other that the legendary Gilles Peterson will be stopping by. Gilles has been hosting the worldwide show for as long as any of us can remember, and over the years has become quite a household name (and not just for Techno fans). This is one of the few parties where a presale will be offered (13€ Jugendinfo) so you maybe wanna grab some tickets and avoid stress at the door.

  • Sexy Turbolenzen

    This week we went a little bit crazy again, and yes, that is a good thing. Grab your glowsticks, because Off The Hook is back for another round. This time they have invited Sonic Species as well as their usual suspects on the decks. Get ready to get down on a Thursday.

    Friday we admittedtly lost it a bit :) Turbo and Meuterei have joined forces for a never before seen display of epicness. Chris Liebing needs no introduction. The man has been tearing it up for decades now, and we are super excited to finally have him here to blast our eardrums. Not only will Chris Liebing come by for the beatdown, no, Kink will also be playing live before him. "Who's Kink?" you might ask yourself. If you do, then kill yourself or at least watch his boiler room set before you do. Rounding shit off will be Willfling, Hans Jung & Nicke Dai, plus the lovely Puffzack crew in the kitchen. You'd be a damn fool to miss this one.

    Saturday we will be speaking Sexy Deutsch (whatever the fuck that means) and have invited the guys from Crystal Culture for a labelnight. There will be too many Djs playing to list here (or pronounce for that matter) so best bet is that you just come down, get drunk, and perv on some hot chicks. Whatever you're into, this weekend has something in store for you.

  • Manøver Tales

    This week we decided to give your livers and wallet a break, and will only be open Friday & Saturday. Not to worry though, as we've packed in as much quality in these two daya as we could possibly fit in for you guys.

    Friday Manøver is back, this time with the Adriatique guys. We've been trying to get them here for ages, so we're happy it finally worked out. Theres a bunch of manøver sticker tattoos out there, so be sure to put one on and save yourself 50% at the door. In case you dont know, the Neon Golden guys are the ones behind Manøver so you might discover an extra visual treat or two.

    Saturday (1/3 of) Apollonia is in the house! It's been way too long since we had Dan Ghenacia here, and we're pretty fucking excited to have him back. A smooth operator, Dan is widely regarded as one of the protagonists of the French house scene. Sounds like a good match for Disco Tales, which will as always have an old school hip hop kitchen to go with it. Come.

  • Wet Cosmic Park

    Thursday its time to go Wettfishin again. Sex, Drums & Rock n' Roll is the credo as always, hosted of course by everyones darlings Scheibosan & Mikmok. Stefan Obermaier of Vienna Scientists fame is this month's guest. Look forward to cold drinks, easy women, and one hell of a hangover Friday morning. Getting wasted on a Thursday never made more sense.

    Friday it's finally time for the next installment of Esch Stadtpark. Ata, the founder and chief of legendary club Robert Johnson will be paying us a visit. Get ready for some sexy sophisticated deep house. Support as always comes via the rest of the crew: Markus Lindner, Lampert, and new addition Ilyas Heckmann. The kitchen will set the stage for some fine ass uk bass music provided by Joja and a few others. You'd be a fool to miss this one.

    Get your hippy sticks out, Cosmic Space Disco is back again this Saturday !! If you were there for the last one then you know these guys dont fuck around. Decoration, visuals, chai stands, are some of the highlights you guys can expect. Liquid Soul will be joined by a plethora of DJS in what will no doubt be one of the most epic nights of the year. Come get some.

  • Kreuz Plem Sturz

    Thursday / we kick things off with a boom, and maybe a few darkroom bangs. Sodom & Gomorrha are teaming up with the lovely Rhinoplasty crew, in order to bring you quite possibly the largest spectacle we've seen since someone took a shit on the stairs a few months ago. Lucy from Stroboscopic Artefacts is coming down to blow your eardrums, and it's pretty safe to say that that's not the only blowing which will be going on this evening.

    Friday / Plem Plem is back for another round, this time with an absolute legend of the game: Anthony Rother. This guy has been producing dirty electro techno since before you bought your first "Take That" cd. An unimitable sound, combined with an epic live performance should make for some very interesting hearing/viewing. Ringleader Daniel Morgenstern will be joined by Steve Hope on the mainfloor, while Kein Sonntag Ohne Techno will be hosting the kitchen. Its time to kick ass & chew bubblegum...or something like that.

    Saturday / it's time for another Sturz! Last time the boys' flight was cancelled so now we're extra excited to have them over. Vera, who will be making her Vienna debut (correct us if we're wrong) has been setting the underground ablaze as of late. She's been putting out one quality track after the other and getting quite a lot of work done in the studio with Mr. Ricardo Villalobos. Rebekah Aff will also be playing, along with the Leap boys: Flo Scheiben & Alex Wirth. Can you say quality?

  • Pig Disco

    Thursday > it's time for us to get unhooked again. Off The Hook is back for another Thursday dose of the finest that the progressive scene has to offer. Cimi & M Theory will be performing live along with dj sets by the great Allezarro and his motley crew. Lets face it, you fuckers are already waiting for the next weekend to begin, so all you gotta do is stay sober till Thursday. Four more days, that's it.

    Friday > Pig & Dan haven't been in Vienna for eons, which makes the next Meuterei something even more special. Two of the most talented producers in the game, we can't wait for these guys to come destroy the club on Friday. Theres something very special about this odd duo. When you see them you're gonna know what we mean. Add to this all the good shit that you've come to know and love from the Meuterei kids, and you have yourself a decent night out.

    Saturday > It's actually a borderline scandal that Raresh hasn't been here yet. Probably the most talented of all the emerging young Romanians on the scene, Raresh is regarded as the prodigy of some dude called Richard Villalobos or something like that. Andy Catana will be supporting him, and yes we are taking bets on him losing his phone again! Kitchen will as always be strictly hip hop by the lovely Loud Minority crew. It's gonna be a good one.

  • Heavenly Harpoon Fishin

    First off, thank you all for going fucking crazy last weekend. Was one of the finest ones ever. Don't get too comfortable though because the next one is right around the corner.

    Thursday > we start things off with Wettfhishin, a party so good your mom & dad would enjoy it. Shit, they might even be there. Cooks, barbers, homemade fish hanging everywhere. These guys are always good for a surprise. The one thing that's always constant though is the good music which translates into the relaxed vice of the crowd. This time MikMok & Scheibosan have invited their good friend Philip Wolgast from Hamburg to join the festivities. Entrance is as always 5 Euros and the motto "Sex, Drums, and Rock & Roll" sums it up pretty well.

    Friday > we have a very special party in store for you guys. Harpoons & Torpedos is back with a ferocious lineup. Bruno Pronsato and Cabanne will be joined by Lindpert in the main room. Willy Wonka of Berlin will be hosting the kitchen floor along with Felix The Houserat. Bruno Pronsato & Cabanne have releasing quality stuff way before you were even listening to first Ibiza house hits. Expect a journey taking you through the best and weirdest that house has to offer.

    Saturday > it's time for a Heaven, the party so fun it makes us wish we had more gay nights at Forelle.. Oliver Moldan will be joining us for the festivities along with Herb and Alecante who will be making their long awaited mainfloor debuts. Expect all the things youve come to know about heaven only a lot louder, harder, and darker. Heaven Hardboiled.


    >>> It`s Monday! Dust out the cobwebs from your brain and start thinking about how you're gonna get through this week and get fucked up on the weekend. It starts Thursday with the Do Easy Ding featuring Einzelkind. The last party was actually surprisingly fun. Something about Ping Pong, Drinks, & Techno brings out the 14 year old in all of us. This time it's a Prüfungswoche special, so in addition to having all the fun of a normal party, you can also make fun of Catana and Messing for failing their shit again. Too good to miss out on.

    >>> Friday we celebrate one year of Manøver. Expect a hearty captains welcome, and all the grog your little soul can handle. Bebetta from Damm Records will be dropping by to drop some beats. She has been on quite a storm as of late so we cant wait to see what she brings to the table on Friday. Support comes as always via the Manøver crew, and in the caboose we've got a few good young upstarts for you.

    >>> Saturday its time for the Turbo Genesis. We bring you the man who got the ball rolling a few years ago: Oliver Huntemann. It is time for another Techno Party, and who better than the master himself. Known for his dark, atmospheric style of djing, we cant wait to see what this guy has in store for us on Saturday. Its going to be a fucking treat hearing him on the sound system. Its going to be dark, dirty, and sweaty. Its going to be good.


    Thursday Sodom & Gomorrha is back with a deluxe edition. It kicks of at 19.00 with a Wiener Achse release party of Franz the Lonely Austrionaut. At 21.00 you can get ready for an interactive, mulitmedia show by Leo Fischer. Who the fuck is Leo Fischer you might ask? Well he just happens to be the editor of one of the most provocative magazines ever: Titanic. Of course there's gonna be an aftershow party and entry is even free if you attended the previous performance. 10 for 10, Darkrooms, pounding Techno, Goliaths walking around with next to nothing on. It's Sodom & Gomorrha time!

    Friday we welcome Robag Wruhme to the <><. It's been long overdue, as this guy is definetely one of House & Techno's contemporary heroes. His style is insanely difficult to characterize, so we're not even going to start. Just get yourselves ready for some super dope, funky music. Its also the premier of the Funkroom nights at the club, so you know this one is going to be all about quality. If you were at the club's bday party, then you know Moxx and Rol:e fucking destroyed it. This time they're bringing some friends...

    Saturday it's Frischer Fisch time, hosted as usual by our fresh host, Lampert! Entry is as usual: Ladies free, Students 5 EUR, the rest of you scumbags 8 EUR. Marc Antona is coming by and we are super excited because this guy as been tearing shit up lately. Part of Marco Carola's Music On gang, the boss' smooth Techno defintely shines through in this up and coming producer and dj extraordinaire. The kitchen is hosted by Wearethesh.it, so get ready for some rough electro:)

  • Theo's Wett Nôze


    It all starts Thursday with a very special birthday party. Mikmok, everyones darling is turning 40, so get ready for things to get out of hand! We've got a barber coming in to cut your hair, Chuck Bauer coming in from Feldkirch, and all you other people coming out from wherever you're coming from. We can't wait to see how many people cancel work on Friday because they drunkenly cut themselves a mowhawk :)

    Friday an absolute Legend is gracing the club. None other than Theo Parrish will be coming over to play a DJ set. If you dont know who Theo Parrish is, we're not going to waste any space explaining that here. Just know that he is one of the Pioneers of Detroit Techno, and probably one of the main reasons the music that you listen to exists nowadays. In other words, an absolute fucking legend! Support comes via the Bebop Rodeo crew, and if you were at their last party with Moodymann, you know that this one is gonna be just as epic.

    Saturday we have the crazy guys from Nôze who will be playing live. Is it Jazz? Is it Techno? Who gives a shit as long as it makes you dance. The French duo has been making waves for quite some time now, so we're super excited to finally have them at our club. Joining them will be Christopher Groove plus the hosts of the night, Foehn & Jerome. As We said before, epic weekend ahead.

  • Off The Meuterei Tales

    Thursday it's time for another progressive / psytrance party. Off the hook is back and going to reel you in for another psychedelic midweek rave. Our guest this time will be Ilai who will be Djing and playing live. Cougar, Riff Ruff, and Phil Locker will be taking over local responsibilities, you will hopefully provide the dancing.

    Friday we say happy birthday to our baby Meuterei, which will be turning 1 year old. Joining us for this special occasion will be none other than Marc Houle! Marc Houle was one of the original M_NUS pioneers before leaving to start his own label Items & Things last year. This guy has one of the craziest, original approaches to making music, so we can't wait to see what his new live show has in store for us. Expect all of the crazy shit we've come to experience from the Meuterei kids plus more.

    Saturday it's time for a deluxe edition of Disco Tales as we have Terje Bakke & Gerd coming over. Both of these guys have been akin waves for quite some time now yet for some reason haven't been to Vienna yet. All the more reason we're getting excited for this Saturday! Expect deep house sexiness as Disco Tales get ready to tell their biggest tale yet.

  • Turbo PARK

    Thursday a legendary party is coming back to town. It’s the return of the almighty “Ping Pong Ding”. So bring your rackets, don’t forget your balls (both kinds) and come by for a fun party. A bunch of friends will be djing and rumor has it that even Sebastian Klenk will be dropping by from Berlin for a match or two and some tunes.

    Friday is the return of Len Faki! If you were there last year then stop reading, you know it’s gonna be epic. In case you weren’t there, let’s just say he laid down a rape on the club. It would be wise to come early as this is guaranteed to be packed as fuck. It’s techno time.

    Saturday just gave us a hard on thinking about how fucking epic this weekend is going to be. Margaret Dygas, panorama bar resident and all around epic DJ is coming by for Stadtpark #003. It doesn’t matter how tired you are from Friday, this is one of those weekends where you just have to grab the bull by the horns and come both nights.


    Finally a weekend ahead without a Thursday party. Your Liver is going to need the break as we have quite an epic Friday and Saturday in front of us.

    Friday will see the third installment of the Do Easy Label nights. The opening with Dyed was so good it still gives us a hard on from time to time. This time our colorful friends Masomenos will be joining us. Known for their colorful style both with graphics and music, we’re excited to see what’s gonna go down. Joining them will be head honcho Andy Catana, Paul Messing, and producer extraordinaire Daniel Kovac.

    Saturday is the opening of a new party: Digital Karma. Our guest here will be none other than Karmon of Diynamic. This guy has been on a tear the past year and it’s about time that he stops by the <>< to show us why the hype is deserved. Met D’Phunk isn’t just playing the warmup, he’s also the promoter, which means get ready for triangles, space, and all that other stuff that makes him the man.

  • Creole City Dance

    Thursday > we start off with a party thats not even in our fucking club! Can you believe that? Our good friend Marianne Vlaschits is presenting her new show "Creole Love Call" at Viertelneun. Expect penises, art, and a good time. If youre like us, you're anyways just going for the free wine and a chance to bum some drugs in the restroom. Afterwards we're all off to the club for the afterparty hosted by Sodom & Gomorrha. It's going to be epic!

    Friday > we have our guests from Zürich over. It's time for Cityfox Vienna!!! Cityfox has been hosting some of the more interesting parties that Europe has seen lately, so we can't wait to see what they have in store for us. A star studded Lineup consisting of Mark Henning, Matthew Burton, and Markus Lindner, will show you what this label is all about: quality motherfuckers! Don't worry about the snow, inside it's gonna be hot enough.

    Saturday > is the return of the almighty Danceteria! This time the kitchen will be hosted by the Sexy Deutsch crew who have been turning heads for quite some time now. Fuck all that shit though, because Midland is playing in the main room. Midland has definetely left his mark on the scene in the past few months/years. Part of the new wave of talented UK producers and DJs, it's hard to categorize his style. Uplifting yet dark, bold & audacios. Maybe we should stop worrying about that and just DANCEteria!

  • PlemPlem Manøver

    Thursday > This week we face the biggest trilogy since Star Wars first came out. It all kicks off Thursday with the next installment of the already legendary Wettfishin parties. This time DJ Sai will be dropping by to spin some records. He will be joined as usual by the two hosts: Mikmok & Scheibosan. Being Hungover on a Friday morning has never felt so good.

    Friday > we have the biggest comeback since Robert Downey Jr. got his shit together a few years ago. It is the return of Plem Plem! Few parties in Vienna deserve the moniker "Legendary" but this is definitely one of them. The party which took place on the 1.8.09. ushered in a new era for the Techno scene, and now we are getting ready to write the next chapter. A star studded lineup featuring Johannes Heil amongst others, a gimp or two, and the crazy shit we've come to expect from these guys over the years. Get ready!

    Saturday > it's time for another Manøver. Get ready to set sail with Axel Bartsch of Kompakt fame. He will be joined on the main deck by none other than Mønkeybreaks and the Manøver crew, who have made the journey all the way from the wild west of Austria. Prepare yourself for some interesting visual concepts, and get ready to walk the plank.

  • Hooked on Fish

    Thursday > it's time to get unhooked! We're not talking about getting off Crystal Meth or Crack, we're talking about the new super duper Thursday Party: Off The Hook. Our new monthly party showcasing the finest that the progressive scene has to offer. Get ready for a live/dj hybrid set by Nok & Galctica, who are actually the same person, and our local matadors Astralex, Alezzaro, and Volle. It's going to be epic!

    Friday > we have another case of split personalities as Robert Babicz, or Rob Acid, will be coming by to rock the socks off the Meuterei. You may remember Rob was supposed to have come back in November already, but as the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. If it's your first Meuterei, get ready for an assault on all your senses. If it's not, then just come by and enjoy the brain massage.

    Saturday > Frischer Fisch is back! This time flown fresh out of Paris. We welcome Ben Vedren and Alexkid. Both of these guys have been releasing quality material in the last couple of months so we're extra excited to hear them play on Saturday. Add to this the extra nice prices of: Ladies (Free), Students (5 Eur), Everyone Else (8 Eur), you have yourself a nice alternative to that lame ball happening on the other side of town.

  • Spelunken Disco

    First off, thank you all for coming to our splendid NYE party. What a way to ring in the new year!! But now dust off your brain and get ready for the coming weekend.

    Friday >> Rudi's Spelunke is back! Capitano Rudolfo has invited his guests Tube & Berger, who you may know from one cheesy radio hit or another from the early 00s. No reason to worry though, as in the past years they have been putting out some very very dope shit. Here they will be presenting their label, Kittball Records, as they will be bringing along their teammates P.A.C.O. . On top we are rounding things off with a very nice local lineup featuring the crews of Prasselbande and Zuckerwatt. Do it.

    Saturday >> we welcome one of the brightest stars on the ever changing deep house scene. Makam from Amsterdam will be gracing us with his presence as its been far too long since he's played in Vienna. This guy has definetely been turning heads lately so check him out in case you don't know him already. Thomas Grün and Moogle will also be plaing so get ready for the first Disco Tales chapter in 2013.

  • Last Entry 2012.

    Merry Christmas Everyone, we hope everything has gone as planned and you wear your belt two notches looser after the festivities. It's time to sweat off some of those calories.

    Thursday Sodom & Gomorrha is back, and this time with a true legend of the game. DJ Boris learnt his craft after spending years watching Larry Levan do his thing in the infamous Paradise Garage of NYC. With such a fine tutelage, its no surprise that this guy has risen to the top of the ranks. A Berghain / Ostgut resident since day one, we can't wait to see this guy destroy the club tonight!

    Friday the Doctor is coming by for a pre New Years Check up. Doctor Dru that is:) Dr. Dru has been releasing some of the most interesting and individual sounding shit we've heard since the crosstown rebels thing got old ;) Danceteria will be hosting the party, and providing us with their kind fellows for support. Get ready to dance.

    Saturday make sure not to come here with your girl for a drink unless you know whats going on. The xth annual Vienna Drum & Bass Festival will be taking place. 2 Locations, about a hundred djs, a party hungry crowd… sounds like we got ourselves all the ingredients for a proper fucking party! Don't forget to bring your earplugs.


    Thursday > its time for another installment of our awesome advanced after work party! That's right, Wettfishin is back! Last time was already pretty fucking epic, so we can't wait to see what these guys have in store for us this time. It's almost Christmas so don't worry about smelling like liquor in the office Friday morning. Chances are, your boss is also going to this party.

    Friday > is the end of the fucking world as we know it. 21 DJs, 360 degree inferno visuals, and an afterhour with Daniel Steinberg are just some of the treats that await. Come as early as possible just in case the world really does end. We'll be serving rum from 22.00 onwards, so don't be late. Trust us, you don't wanna miss a second of this party. Plus it's kind of a once in a lifetime thing, so you can tell your grandchildren and all that shit.

    Saturday > just in case the world doesn't end - if it does at least we won't have to pay him ;) - we're bringing Martin Buttrich to Vienna for his first appearance here in ages. If Friday is all about fire and brimstone, then Saturday is all about carefully polished, jet black, flowing deep house. Martin Buttrich is one of the main producers behind the scenes (producing tracks for Loco Dice, etc.) so we can't wait to hear his new live set. Plus it's Turbo, so it's gonna be a fucking wild one. Thursday, Friday, or Saturday? How about all 3.


    > Thursday is Sodom & Gomorrha, which means we don't have to wait for Friday to get drunk again. The party hosted by everyone's darlings Edgar Retro and Gerald Van der Hint, returns again for a pre XXX-mas special, this time featuring Rahdan of Jugendstil fame. Get ready for Darkrooms, Techno, and a Friday morning hangover!

    Friday we proudly present the second installment of the Do Easy Clubnights. This time Roman Flügel is coming to visit and play a record or two. Who the fuck is Roman Flügel you ask? Maybe you've heard of Alter Ego and their hit "why not" which appeared a few years ago, and was played not only in underground clubs around Europe, but also in every shitty commercial disco from here to Club Couture. Well Roman Flügel is 1/2 responsible, but don't worry he's more than a one trick-pony. He's also the guy who's made some of the most sophisticated and thought provoking deep house tunes in years. Daniel Kovac, local producer and DJ Extraordinaire will be taking over support duties along with Paul Messing. Benjamin Mallek is flying in from England to give us some fish & chips - beats in the kitchen.

    > Saturday it's time for another tale to be told- Disco Tales is back! This time things are guaranteed to get interesting as Bloody Mary will be performing along with local destroyers Ogris Debris. Bloody Mary is one of the prettier faces on the ever changing house circuit. She has been bringing her trademark sound to the masses, and been on quite a rampage recently. Ogris Debris should ring a bell. If not, then get ready to get your bell rung! Two of the most influential Austrian artists since Mozart, we're excited to host them at the <>< for the first time. Denis Yashin will also be making his main floor debut, so look forward to Saturday night and last but not least lets all say "happy birthday" to Ilyas Heckmann who is turning one year older in the kitchen with all his friends.

  • ONE

    This week its time for something a little different than usual. Friday Cosmic Space Disco is celebrating their sixth birthday!! Expect awesome decorations, dreadlocks, and the best djs the genre has to offer. If you’ve ever seen the Cosmic guys in action then you know they mean business. We are excited to see how the location is going to fit the first Psy Trance party at the <><.

    Saturday it’s our birthday! Expect the madness you’ve come to expect from us in the past year all combined into one night. For starters there’s no entry charge, so you might want to come a bit earlier. We have a great lineup but let’s face it: this party is about you girls and guys!! Thank your for drinking, dancing, fucking and fighting in our club. Here’s to another year!

    Facebook Event


    Friday we say Happy Birthday to our favorite sturz, afterhour legend, and jack of all trades: Patrick Testor! To celebrate he's bringing some friends along and they are all going to play a song or two;) C-Rock, Frankfurt legend and all round great guy will be joined by newcomers Marco Faraone and Blond:ish. Marco's been making a name for himself on such labels as Moon Harbour, while Blond:ish has also recently been setting the scene on fire. Cher Monsieur on the second floor so expect to hear a bunch of weird shit you've never heard before;) Come by dance a bit, have a drink with Patrick, and enjoy your Friday evening with us.

    Saturday it's Stadtpark time again! The opening back in October was awesome and now it's time for round 2. This time we welcome legends Fumiya Tanaka and Thomas Melchior (who will be performing live). Fumiya Tanaka is one of the most repeated artists to ever come out of Japan, while Melchior is one of the most accomplished live musicians the genre has to offer. The synergy that these two bring will no doubt be exciting as fuck. Jokl and Loerke will be supporting these two in the main room, while in the second floor Laminat and our good friend from Germany, Thomas Stieler, will be spinning some disco vibes. Don't miss it!


    > Thursday is the return of Sodom & Gomorrha. This time we welcome Nino Sebelic into the new & improved kitchen. Nino Sebelic became interested in music when he was 16 and under the influence of Detroit Techno, House and Electro music. He was inspired by the depth and craft of the early Detroit electronic music, and has since then forged his own imprint in the world of deep detroit Techno. Joining him are our local gladiators Edgar Retro & Gerald Van Der Hint. Welcome to hell.

    > Friday we welcome an old friend to the club: Re.You. This time he's bringing his partner in crime Rampa, and they're gonna show us what the've been up to all this time in the studio together. They're super good friends and their productions are sick so we're excited for the chemistry between them as they perform live this Friday. Warming things up is Thomas Vavrovksky, who for sure knows how to get a crowd going. Klang & Tavarez are taking on closing duties, so expect them to keep you dancing your ass off way beyond closing time.
    > Saturday it's Disco Tales time again! We're definitely excited as the main act is the bomb! Maayan Nidam has been causing quite a stir on the global circuit for some time now, and we're stoked to finally have her at the <><. Trust us, we saw her at burning man this year and she fucking killed it. Expect house, expect techno, expect the unexpected. It's impossible to reduce Maayan's productions and DJ sets to a single sound, but certain qualities prevail: a looping, swinging, hips and ass friendly sense of groove; a bubbling sense of; a keen sense of timbre and tone color, with a wooly low end and crystalline highs. It's Disco Time…


    Thursday we're going to have dinner in the club and you're invited. MikMok and Scheibosan will be opening their new party Wet(t)fischen, Vienna's first advanced afterworks dinner party. Rizzo Pak wil be serving up delicacies in the kitchen and the two hosts will be serving beats on the wheels of steel. It starts at 20:00 so come early and don't spoil your appetite before. Komm Früher Geh Später. Seeya Thursday!

    Friday it's time for another Meuterei. As you may all know Robert Babicz will not be able to come due to a scheduling conflict. Have no fear sailor, as the fine pirates behind the party have booked more than worthy replacements. Mictrotrauma (Traum) and Bakermat (Delicieuse rec.) will be stepping in to rock the fuck out of this party. We're super excited to have Bakermat with us as he's been on fire the last few months. A special treat awaits you in the kitchen under the motto "Acid Only - Vinyl Only" thanks to a coop with the Starkstrom Crew. A proper rave awaits! Ahoi.

    Saturday it's time for another Sturz. Joining us will be Mira (Bar 25) and Canson (Cityfox). Expect super smooth endless sets, and don't plan anything too early on Sunday as this party could go on for a while. Hosting the evening as always are our buddies Foehn & Jerome. We're excited to have these guys back again as it's always a pleasure for the ears - not so much on the eyes ;). Starting the evening off will be their childhood homie Thomas Grün. Disco Im Haar will be getting dirty in the kitchen with Matthias Fuchs and Andrzej Ratajski. Add to this the nice entrance price of 8€ <00:30> 10€ and you'd be a fool to miss this one.

  • Diynamic Spelunke

    Rudi Wrany has been behind the scenes as DJ and promoter for almost 20 years now. The main man behind Crazy every Tuesday at Flex has decided to open his very own “Spelunke,” and he’s invited a few friends. Super Flu are coming by to christen the festivities, in what will no doubt escalate into a scene resembling a bar brawl in the port of Hamburg. Rudi himself won’t be on the decks, but like any good Spelunken chef he will be behind the scenes pouring and mainly drinking the one or the other beer. Don’t worry though as he’s brought some of his Sailors along for the ride. Florian Kaltstrøm, Emil Berliner, and Steve Hope will be providing the soundtrack to an epic night of drunken debauchery.

    Saturday we welcome two of the brightest stars from the now almost legendary Diynamic label. H.O.S.H of Hamburg and youngsters NTFO from Romania will be dropping by to represent the Hamburg label’s Diynamic style of melodic house. These guys have been responsible for changing the face of house as we know it recently, so it goes without saying that were more than excited to have them here. Rounding things off on the main floor will be none other than a true legend of the Viennese scene himself, the almighty Met d’Phunk. Tom Vavrovsky is celebrating his birthday on the second floor, so get your ass down to the club. We almost forgot to mention that its only 8€ till 00:30 and 10€ after so you don’t have any excuses.

  • Grellowien !

    If its one holiday that’s holy to us, then its Halloween. What’s not to like about about a holiday where dressing up and acting like a maniac isn’t just tolerated, it’s encouraged? Two years ago we kicked things off with the legendary Villa Wahnsinn party. Last year we tore Flex a new one with Dubfire. Get ready for what we have in store this year for you, because its definitely gonna leave you wondering what the fuck just happened when you wake up Thursday afternoon. Oh yeah one more thing, no entry without a costume;)

    Friday sees the return of Frischer Fisch, our flagship night for showcasing talent that has never been to Vienna. This time we welcome Vlad Caia & Christi Cons (aka SIT). These two young producers are on the forefront of the Romanian deep house/techno wave and have been in a lot of DJ’s playlists for quite some time now. Free entry for the ladies, Five for the students, and Eight for the rest of us. You don’t have an excuse not to come.

    Saturday its finally Turbo time again. Laurent Garnier will be peforming his last live LBS show in Vienna, as they are going on hiatus after December. There not much left to say about Garnier that hasn’t already been said at some point. This guy is an absolute genius, and we can’t wait to see the latest version of his show. If you’ve ever seen it before, then where to go Saturday is a no brainer (even if you haven’t seen it before;) Get ready to Turbo!


    Friday is the return of Meuterei!!! After last month’s destruction with Extrawelt, it’s time to welcome the Italian Stallion Dusty Kid. Responsible for some of the most original music we’ve heard in years, its gonna be a pleasure to get drunk with him on this fine night. The rest of the crew will also be there to provide you an authentic pirate experience. Yo ho, yo ho, Bitches, Rum, and Techno!

    If you’ve never heard of Club der Visionäre get ready for an introduction! One of the most legendary clubs Berlin has to offer, CDV is known for it’s intimate vibe, endless parties, and trademark deep sound. This Saturday get ready to welcome no less than three of their residents: Sammy Dee, Argenis Brito, and David Delgado. Foehn & Jerome will be warming things up, and most likely cooling things down. Get ready for a smooth Saturday night and possibly Sunday morning ;)


    This is another one of those weekends where you can go out Thursday and come home Sunday night only to ask yourself „what the fuck just happened?“ We start things off again with „Sodom & Gomorrah,“ our bi-weekly bi-curious party. Maxim Terentjev (Rote Sonne / Munich) will be joined by everyones darlings Gerald van der Hint and Edgar Retro.

    Friday Manøver is back. We should’ve called this party Manøver Deluxe, because this is one of the best lineups the club (or the city for that matter) has ever seen. Claptone have been making some of the most original music our ears have heard in recent times. Check out their Wu Tang Clan remix to get a feel for what we mean. Joining these up and comers will be Art Department. Were not gonna go into detail here, but lets just say if you haven’t heard of Art Department, you've probably been living on the fucking moon.

    Saturday we say Happy Birthday to Disco Tales. We cant believe it’s been a year, and our eyes start tearing up thinking about how our boys grew up so fast. Were mighty proud of them though as they've had a tight concept from start fo finish and also threw some of our favroite parties. Remember back in March with DJ Wild? The guy killed it, so we're super excited to have him back Saturday. Joining him will be the Romanian bombers Cezar Lazar and Andy Catana. This Lineup is just too good.


    This Weekend the motto seems to be “out with the old, in with the new!” Expect a brand new kitchen, a new floor level dj booth in the main floor, visuals, and a bunch of DJs that have never played here before. Exciting times ahead for sure.

    Friday we proudly present the first installment of Stadtpark Musik.. If you’ve ever been to one of their parties, you know they like to do things differently. This Friday is no exception as we will be having visuals to accompany the presentation of <>< 2.0! Barem ( M_NUS / Buenos Aires ) is headlining the festivities and will be joined by Vid/Egal 3. Local legends Markus Lindner, Johannes Lampert, and Dario Loerke, will be taking on warmup and cool down duties, so get ready to sweat.

    Saturday Lee Burridge is finally playing in Vienna. We are excited to finally have this guy here as he has been destroying pretty much every club in the world for about 20 years now. Originally one of the godfathers of the progressive scene in the 90s, he has reinvented himself as of late and has been releasing some of the best stuff we’ve heard in ages. Check his work on All Day I Dream with Matthew Dekay to get a feel for what we’re talking about. Lupo ( who absolutely destroyed it last time when he warmed up for Trenemøller ) will be warming up, and Julian Hruza will be gracing us with a live set. It's gonna be good.


    Sodom & Gomorrah is back again this week and in cooperation with Wiener Achse they invited the famous Artist Christian Falsnaes... It starts at 2000 with drinks followed by a performance of Christian at 2100 followed by Techno at 2200. Not just Techno tonight though, as the Praterei crew will also be on the decks, and they’ve been known to play one or the other house record at their monthly parties.

    Friday Extrawelt is finally back in Vienna. We can’t wait to hear what they’ve been up to in the last few months, but are perhaps even more eagerly waiting to hear some of their classics on our sound system. They’ve been around for ages and definitely know how to rock a party. Perfect soundtrack to a Mutiny.

    Saturday you may have noticed our boys absent from the Café Sturz lineup. That’s because theyre playing in London with Jimpster at Select*Elect meets Café Sturz. In exchange, we have their two residents Echonomist & Pablo Ranacat playing alongside Alex Niggeman on Saturday. Expect smooth beats and a total Sturz!

  • versus/dixon

    The crews of Zuckerwatt & Camouflage have been putting on quality nights since before most of you were legally allowed to go out. They’ve hosted guys like Laurent Garnier, Stacey Pullen, and destroyed pretty much every location Vienna has to offer. Friday we leave it up to the main men themselves. Comante and Detronic will be representing Camouflage Club, with Andreas Reiter and Fabian Hofer taking over duties for Zuckerwatt.

    Saturday we have a true legend in the making: Dixon. When injuries kept young Steffen „Dixon“ Berkhahn from what might have been a football career, he took to music. Looking back, that was a smart move. Of course he later returned to the game, both as a player and chairman of his beloved FC Magnet Mitte. But never mind that now, let’s stick to the music. When DJ Dixon, as he was then known, entered the circuit in the early 90’s, the music dominating Berlin’s clubland was relentless. Those were the days when the city’s well documented legacy as techno mainstay was formed, and what Dixon discovered was house. He very much totally fell in love with it. What Dixon also discovered was that his concept of house did not necessarily match the concept of house other DJs had, and it certainly did not match the relentlessness mentioned above. Dixon is a soulboy at heart, but he does not like his soul screaming in your face. He likes his soul true and pure. This is the philosophy that shines through his label Innervisions. Dixon has come a long way, and is set to go even further. Joining him will bet the Luv Shack Crew and Thomas Grün.


    Aufgrund unvorhersehbarer Komplikationen sind wir gezwungen das Date von Martin Buttrich zu verschieben. Würdiger Ersatz wurde schon gefunden. Labelkollegin tINI wird seinen Platz einnehmen.

    > Facebook Event


    For details check our Program Page < !
    RA > Event


  • Grelle Nacht


    The weekend starts early once again. If we keep going on like this, we’re all gonna end up as homeless alcoholics. Thrusday Sodom & Gomorrah is back. This time with the awesome TJ Hicks from NYC, who will be joined by our hosts Edgar Retro & Gerald Van Der Hint.

    Friday we have the beautiful and talented Nina Kraviz. She was supposed to come in February but couldn’t make it due to a missed flight. Quite probably the biggest shooting star that Techno has seen the past year. She released her quite awesome album recently which placed her in the upper echelon of the dj ranks. A pleasure for the eyes as well as the ears behind the decks. Who knows maybe you can get lucky and buy her a drink as well?

    Saturday we wish our good friend Ken Hayakawa “Happy Birthday!” It all starts in the evening (18:00). Theres also gonna be food, drinks, and maybe even some girls, so come by early. Not one but two labels will be showcasing their respective artists, headlining - Kollektiv Turmstrasse live - so no matter what your style is youll be sure to find it. The lineup holds too many notable names to list here btu check it out on the webiste. Might wanna keep your jaw form hitting the ground first though…


    The weekend is coming early this week. We start promptly at 13:37 this Friday with a Meuterei daytime rave. Oliver Schories from Berlin is headlining the affair along with David Apples (Disco Tales) and Hans Jung (Meuterei). Oliver has been rising through the ranks the last couple of months and is the perfect DJ to complement a late summer excess. Later on, we’re gonna continue the party inside, so this is your chance to drop everything and go on a 16 hour party marathon. Joe Joe is also gonna stop by to man the grill and cook his signature burgers, so skip work early and come down for some fun.

    We can’t wait for Saturday. Why? Because Livio & Roby are finally playing at the <>< . There has been quite a hype surrounding the duo recently, and this Saturday they’re going to show us exactly why they have been billed as one of the most exciting acts in electronic music today. Labels including Viva Music, Cecille and Loco Dice’s eminent Desolat have welcomed the deep duo to explore a now signature sound, that's awash in the beats that made many of us fall for house in the first place. Exercising their persistent reference to a winning Chicago and Detroit compound. Sitting on the deep, percussive side of house has earned them their respected place in the often tangled and disjointed electronic scene. Supporting the two will be Andy Catana who has also kept himself quite busy himself with releases on Moon Harbour and his own imprint “Do Easy Records”. Fathers lock up your daughters.

  • Welcome to the Weekend

    Thursday it’s time for Sodom + Gomorrah, the party that’s so fun it makes you wish you were gay (if you aren't already of course). This time none other than local favorite Hudi will be gracing us with his Vinyl techno assault. As always, support comes via Gerald Van Der Hint and Edgar Retro. Watch your ass, it’s gonna be a wild one.

    Jeremy Caulfield is one of those artists who is hard to categorize as a Dj and Producer. Is it House? Techno? Minimal? Who gives a fuck? It’s super good. The Dumb Unit boss will be making his <>< debut this Friday, so let’s all give him a warm welcome. Joining in on the festivities will be two of our favorite djs, "Stammgäste" and generally awesome guys; Jokl and Rik Moser. Fun Fun Fun!

    Being in charge of Fabrics programming is no easy task. Week after week the London superclub showcases the most cutting edge and groundbreaking acts in modern electronic music. In charge of this daunting task is none other than the legendary Craig Richards, who will be playing his first ever Vienna gig this Saturday. With a music collection more varied and intricate than the Encyclopedia Brittanica, we can’t wait to hear what this veteran has in store for us. Jozif will also be gracing us with a visit, so get ready for some deep house sublimeness. Rounding things off will be none other than Eric Fischer, who has been doing his Danube Raves since before you were born. Epic.

  • Greller Mond

    The August program is online, but before you go jerk off to it, let’s “handle” this weekend.
    Brace yourselves; it’s time for another Fullmoon Wolfnight mess. This time were kicking things off early at 2100 and our favorite German, Dario Loerke will be headlining the most hedonistic of festivities. Joining him will be Hi:Fi of Friendly House and Rick Layer of the <><. Nobody said this was going to be the best party, but it’s definitely going to be the most fun!

    Friday its time to welcome the new generation of talented young musicians to the <><. Macromism (Sci+Tec) are joined by David Brenner, (We play minimal) and the fearsome duo of Klang & Tavarez. All of these guys are ones to look out for in the next couple of years, so be on the lookout yourselves and get down!

    Saturday it’s all about the deep house. Andre Lodemann has been killing it recently as well as the past 20 years and if you need further evidence go check him out on soundcloud before seeing him spin on Saturday. Super duper deep sexy mind melting are some of the adjectives that come to mind when describing his signature sound. Here he will be joined by Florian Scheibein and Alex Wirth, who are also two smooth operators.

  • WASTED Sturz

    This Friday we are getting wasted for a good cause. Rave Tut Gut is a party by the Wasted German Youth crew where the proceeds go to charity. In this case the money will be donated to the St. Anna Kinderspital. Channel X, Kellerkind, Niko Schwind, Robin Drimalski, and a whole lot more were all nice enough to sacrifice their Gagen for this party, so be nice enough to come and party for a good cause.

    Saturday it’s all about the Sturz. Our favorite bleary-eyed Berliners Foehn & Jerome are back. This time they’re bringing Luna City Express to the party. Luna City Express have been releasing one banger after another on Matthias Tanzmann’s Moon Harbour imprint. Expect deep sexy fucked up house. Try to get some sleep before; this one could go on for a while…

  • Italofreude

    One look at Mathias Kaden behind the decks and you know he’s been doing this shit for a very long time. It’s not just his hobby, it’s his life, and hes loving every bit of it. Perfect mixing and insane track selection are enhanced by his „use“ of the turntables. In other words he bangs the 1210s as if they were drums! His label „Freude am Tanzen“ takes on a whole new meaning when hes playing. In our opinion there is no other dj on the planet capable of pushing the crowd into such a frenzy as Mathias is. He’s also brought his good friend Thomas Stieler along, who’s bringing his good friend Laminat along. So bring your good friends too and lets get this started!

    The whole Analog vs. Vinyl discussion has been done to death recently. There are great DJs who use Traktor and there are great Djs who spin Vinyl. That being said, the quality of digital output is far behind the stuff being released on vinyl. Italojohnson have been some of the more recent purveryors of the vinyl only label, and theyre doing it quite well. Straying away from beatport, you can find their tracks at a local record shop near you, and thats gonna stay that way. Its worth the search, as they have been pumping out some of the best underground house and techno in recent times. Hudi will also be on deck to make sure that the cdjs stay in the closet tonight!


    Its time for the Disco Tales crew to say “ Thank you,” and shut their doors for the Summer. Before they do that though, they’ve still got one more trick up their sleeve. Subb-An of the Crosstown Rebels will be telling his tale of deep, funky, new school house. It’s his first time in Vienna, so let’s all welcome him nicely, ok?

    Facebook Event


    The first ever rave in the Vienna Opera, need we say more ? If you have a ticket, then look forward to Moritz Von Oswald, Carl Craig, and Francesco Tristano live. If you don’t have a ticket, then go buy one because Damian Lazarus, Jamie Jones, Maceo Plex, and Amirali are also playing. One of the only times that you won’t need to suit up inside the Opera. Need any more reasons?

    Facebook Event


    Electr.Oper > Afterhour & Daytime Party

    Afterwards we’re all heading to the <>< Grelle Forelle for the afteparty. NU and Acid Pauli are going to be presenting their new liveact, and some very special guests will also be playing ;) We’ll have BBQ by Joe Joe´s Munchies, drinks, and hopefully some sunshine so get ready for the best Sunday ever.

    Facebook Event



    Join us this Friday as we welcome living legends Ben Klock and Levon Vincent. Ben Klock has beeen a resident at Berghain since they opened in 2004 and is, along with Marcel Dettman, one of the most familiar faces there. Deep, dark, pounding, House and Techno keep the Dancefloor on their feet guessing his next move. Joining him will be Levon Vincent, the man responsible for some of the most creative electronic music we’ve seen in a while. Check out his latest Fabric Mix CD to see what were talking about. This is going to be an epic journey through House & Techno.

    Saturday is the “Café Sturz Sommerfest,” hosted by our favorite Sturzis Foehn & Jerome. This time we have ZIP & Lee Jones plus Feldkirch’s very own JOKL. ZIP is the co founder of Perlon and one of the most elusive figures in the house and techno scene. It’s been ages since he was in Vienna the last time. Famous for his endless sets at Panorama Bar and Club der Visionäre, we can’t wait to see how long this one is gonna go on for;) Lee Jones will be warming up the evening with one of his smooth, twisted signature liveacts.


    FRIDAY | > CASSY <

    It’s been a while since Cassy (aka Cathrine Britton) has played in Vienna. In the past few years she has been on a globalwide tear, placing her in the top level of Electronic musicians such as Ricardo Villalobos and Steve Bug, both as a producer and as a DJ. Her style has been described as “The Sade of Minimal Techno,” smooth, sexy, yet drving at the same time. This is one of those nights where you know the music is going to keep you on your feet all night long.

    SATURDAY | Bebop Rodeo Showcase | < MOODYMAN >

    "I don’t make music for the masses to dance to, I make music for the small majority that listens." Kenny Dixon Jr. aka Moodymann

    Our guest on Saturday needs no introduction. One of the most outspoken, and at times outrageous, figures in music is coming by to grace us with one of his signature sets. Moodymann changed the face of House music like no other. His classic productions are still some of the most sought after records today, and sound just as fresh as they did when they were released in the nineties. A natural born entertainer, he often takes to the mic in the middle of his sets to entertain the crowd with anecdotes of his life. Never one to shy away from saying what he feels, he is known for decrying the lack of black electronic music and giving some of the rarest and best interviews we've ever seen (see RBMA).

  • Northern Disco

    Northern Purpose have been putting on some of the finest underground parties that London has seen in ages. Guests in the past have included the likes of Rick Wade and Mike Huckaby to name a few. The Northern Purpose are Brendan Clark and Carl Hardy, and theyre also the guys we by chance ran into during a very drunk night at Burning Man in Nevada. Maybe it was fate, as now they are coming back for a visit with none other than legendary Detroit producer and DJ Daniel Bell (aka DBX). The song “Losing Control” has never been more fitting. Viennese upstart Label Luv Shack will be hosting the second floor. They’ve put out one amazing record after the next, and have been played heavily at the <>< in the last few months.

    The Martinez Brothers grew up in a house music household. Their father was a regular at NYC clubs such as The Paradise Garage and an avid fan and follower of disco music. He would play records for his two sons before they could walk, and not too long after they were playing and mixing their fathers records on their own. Being a DJ is in their Blood and it flows through every one of their sets. They’ve been tearing it up around the World ever since they’ve been teenagers. This is their tale…

    Electr.Oper > POP_UP < TICKET SALE starting this friday at the <>< !

  • Hello ? Meuterei : Repeat

    A true Summer Night’s Dream tonight. Traum Schallplatten are known for delivering their signature brand of dreamy, thoughtful House & Techno. Label Chief and esteemed music journalist Riley Reinhold (aka triple R) will be opening the festivities, and he brought some friends. Max Cooper and Minilogue are some of the most exciting acts that electronic music has seen in ages. Get ready for a Meutere!

    Hello?Repeat has been one of the most influential underground labels for quite some time now.
    Label Bosses Jan Krueger and Daze Maxim are set to stop by on Saturday. Daze by name, Daze by nature! Well such is the way Daze Maxim’s DJ sets and music will leave you wondering what just hit you. For over a decade, he has held a reputation, especially amongst fellow DJs, as a guardian and pioneer of quality underground electronic music. Jan as a DJ fits best in the late night hours, playing his highly individual and addictive mixture of deephouse, minimal and techno with rough edges. Legendary French producer Cabanne will round off the Hello?Repeat labelnight.


    „A set of a DJ is in fact, a puzzle of tracks, which want to achieve an image. Most of the times we hear only the pieces. There are only few who can create a whole.” Get ready to see and hear a beautiful picture on Friday. Rhadoo and Petre Inspirescu aka 2/3 of the cult label [a:rpia:r] will be delivering their interpretation of groovy and rare house music. [a:rpia:r] has been pushing out (Strictly Vinyl!) one quality release after the other, and has been setting the underground on fire.

    The second Manøver will be setting sail this Saturday. Join us at 1500 (fair weather only!) for the christening of the open-air promenade deck. Tingel Tangel will provide the music and we will be providing a barbeque and drinks. Get ready for an open-air that will span from bow to stem. Later on, Guti (Desolat) will be gracing the grand ballroom with one of his signature live sets, and the lads from Danceteria will be heating up the caboose.

    Ready for a Monday that doenst suck? Get ready for another Wolfnight, the drunkest party that Vienna has ever seen. Flatrate entry (incl. drinks) and music by our wolfpack are reason enough to take Tuesday off and come by for a drink or ten. If you were at the last one, you know that mayhem will ensu.

  • Elektro Sturz Battle

    Get ready for our first VS. Dj Battle on Friday.
    Six of the most promising young talents are going to be squaring off against each other in what will no doubt be a battle royale. Teeth will fly as Veronika “The Black Widow” Amie takes on Ilyas “Ice Cold” Heckmann. “Bling Bling” Willfling is set to square off against Anna “The House of Pain” Leiser, and “Leviathan” Laminat vs. “The Massacre” Moogle round off this evening’s card. It’s going to be a bloodbath.

    Saturday will be sturz even for the high standards (or low depending on how you see it) of Café Sturz. Sebo & Madmotormiquel of Bachstelzen fame will be joining us for a never-ending marathon this Saturday. In case you don’t know who the Bachstelzen are, they are responsible for some of the longest and funnest partys and festivals Berlin has ever seen. What starts out as a normal weekend has been known to continue for weeks with this bunch. Besides their staying power behind the decks, the duo is responsible for some of the most intricately beautiful deep house in ages. Lets see who misses their flight this weekend as they are joined by two more of Berlins finest (and Café Sturz residents): Foehn & Jerome.

    The word Legend is often thrown around loosely; not this Sunday though as we have two bonafide legends dropping by. A true pioneer of Electronic Music, and Austrian treasure, Patrick Pulsinger, will be presenting his new live act. A Guy Called Gerald, responsible for the “Madchester” scene in the 80s will also be playing one of his seminal Live Sets. If you don’t know who A Guy Called Gerald is, he’s probably the one responsible for your Dad getting your Mom pregnant with tracks such as “Voodoo Ray” and “Fever”. Fucking “Pflichttermin” as they say.

  • Trente

    The most useless blog ever?

    Why? Because you already know who Trentemøller is. He is a fucking genius. One of the most sought after remixers and artists today. He travels the world performing either Live in Concert, or as in this case destroying dancefloors as a DJ. Every bit of his output is different yet phenomenal in its own way. Anders Trentemøller is taking a break from the studio and playing a few DJ gigs this year, of which we were lucky to confirm a show. Don’t miss this.

    A Red Rose, A Knife, and various other contraptions are all part of Frivolous’ live act. The fact that this guy can make these objects sound good speaks for his talent. Reboot is also joining in on the festivities so get ready for a sick Cadenza Label Night on Friday.

    Saturday is all about the heroes of tomorrow, as we are hosting the Eristoff tracks DJ Contest final. Come and show your support for the next generation of superstars and maybe theyll remember you when theyre famous and youre broke as hell. Our favorite pink daisy duke wearing maniacs from Berlin, Schluck den Druck will be performing live later on in the night..


    Bpitch Control > Label Night !

    Bpitch is one those labels which truly deserves the moniker “legendary”. The Bpitch seal of approval is reserved for those works, which challenge our perception of the genre. A home for artists such as Paul Kalkbrenner, Sascha Funke, Modeselektor, and the label chief herself Ellen Allien; the label has always been synonymous with quality. Ellen Allien has been DJing professionally since 1993. She began throwing wild ass parties by the name of “BPitch Control” in the nineties and it quickly grew into a label. Nowadays a respected producer as well, Ellen always has something new up her sleeve. Her DJ sets are as difficult to classify as her productions. There’s a bit of electro, a bit of house thrown in for kicks, and there’s definitely a techno aesthetic, which runs through everything she touches. Don’t trouble yourself too much about classifications though; it’s all about good music on Friday, which is guaranteed to be off the wall as she’s bringing labelmates Kiki and Skinnerbox along.

    Disco Tales > Chapter #6

    Next chapter, new faces, Disco Tales is back with a bang. This time with none other than Visionquest’s Ryan Crosson and Leftfield’s Matt Tolfrey. Two of the most innovative new artists in electronic music recently, they’re a better match for Disco Tales than Cinderella and her slipper. Ryan and his partners in Visionquest have honed a whole new landscape of lush organic techno and have helped launch the careers of leftfield producers such as Tale Of Us and Matthew Burton. He’s gonna be playing back to back with one of the freshest producers out there: Matt Tolfrey. Get ready for the Tale these two will tell on Saturday.


    As another new month lies on the horizon at the <><, I find myself having to yet again start with a comment on the weather, such has been the sheer shittiness of those infamous April showers. With exams on the horizon as well, I've gone into a sort of self-imposed exile and curtailed my hedonistic tendencies – but that doesn't mean that you have to! I say that because there's some top quality talent in the form of Özer, Paic and Vienna heroes the Grün bro's kicking the month off with a bang. They'll be followed the week after by the sassy and sartorially sophisticated Deniz Kurtel. Miss Kurtel, it seems, belongs to a select group of Gesamtkünstlerinnen (alongside Craig Richards, for example) for whom playing live is just one succulent fruit in the artistic fruit bowl. Her wicked LED light display for London boutique store Lucy in Disguise is her latest foray into the visual arts, and I've also heard she's designed a pair of jeans. The focus on the 5th will, however, be firmly on her irresistible brand of sexy house.
    Speaking of sexy... marked by the charming nonchalance of a budding Seth Troxler and the all-round benevolent beastiness of a young Len Faki (but with a penchant for ranch sauce that outweighs that of all of their Facebook fans combined) is our very own Rick Layer. The cult hero that is Rick Layer was, at least in my (admittedly short sighted) eyes, born in the paradoxically inglorious circumstances of DJ Emerson Todd's 5 minute piss-break last December. With trademark 'special' Vodka-Red Bull in hand and now solidly entering 'Chicago Bulls' mascot mode with a face about as red as a tomato, Rick casually strolled over to the decks and, for about ten seconds, took full advantage of the Australian's need to relieve himself. If, as the saying goes, pictures paint a thousand words, then Rick's composed and collected mastery of the main room mixer's E.Q. in that short space of time must have told the story of a million. The crowd went wild. Rick casually took a sip of his drink and just walked away, before putting his arm on my shoulder and buoyantly blurting out: 'Yeah man, gotta hitt'em with the bass every time'. If you also want to be 'hit with the bass' within the framework of what is Layer's favoured purist techno sound, then make sure to check out the <><'s very own full moon party on 6th May. Slick Rick and his merry band of wolves will be channelling the mysterious power of those lunar rays to provide top quality tunes while you all get royally fucked up on the kitchen floor. I've also heard through the grapevine that if enough of those sexy damsels out there make an appearance, he might get a bit cheeky and go at it topless. There are quite literally no excuses for missing this one!

    For the next Turbo, we see DJ Trentemoeller finally returning to Vienna to grace us with a DJ set. No explanations are necessary for the man who is equally adept at destroying dancefloors and churning out Remixes as well as his own productions. Support comes from local legends Ken Hayakawa and Lupo. Get ready for a set containing everything from Rock to Techno bombs.
    Team Forelle seem to be pushing the (fishing) boat out in May and really throwing the cat amongst the pigeons with both a DJ'ing contest and a Head 2 Head Rumble in the trout-infested jungle. Let's face it, M.C'ing battles ala 8 Mile are so 2002, so it'll be gloves off for a house and techno boxing match first for the DJ Contest Final on the 19th with Berlin nutters Schluck den Druck making an appearance) and then a local Head2Head battle for local pride on the 25th. On the topic of physical exertion, the London Marathon took place last week – shout out to my mate Bowze, who ran it in a very respectable 3 hours 50 minutes and raised £1300 for Children's Charity 'Rocking Horse'. Now, I don't like marathons, but I do like a marathon set, and the Berlin Sturzkinder Foehn and Jerome, as I keep reiterating, are the specialists of that. They really are Dj'ing equivalent of a couple of Kenyan long-distance sprinters, such is their ridiculous stamina at the decks. They're definitely not the only ones capable of putting a shift in, however, as the amiable 'top geezer' Andy Catana's probable after-hour escapades on the 18th will have demonstrated.
    The U.K's also solidly in the house this month. Joining Matt Tolfrey from London will be Moss-Side, Manchester's very own Gerald Simpson. I don't know if I'm in any position to really comment on the undeniable impact of the living legend that is A Guy Called Gerald on the dance music scene in the U.K. and beyond. The reason is that my mother hadn't even conceived me by the time that acid-house great from nineteen eighty eight was laying claim to being the soundtrack for a nationwide 'Second summer of Love'. I unfortunately wasn't around when the Hacienda was at its peak – I blame my dad for meeting my mum about 20 years too late. Actually no, I don't... 'cos had he met her 20 years before he did, he'd have actually been an adolescent paedo, which is definitely not cool. Anyway, if any of you want a better idea of what it was all about at the turn of the decade (when a 'rave' was actually a 'rave' and not a term used by 16 year old girls to describe shitty little get-togethers in tacky bars playing David Guetta) then the Northern Purpose lads might be in a better position to tell you when they're next in town. Taken out of their clearly influential historical context, however, and listened to (perhaps as they always should be) first and foremost as musical productions, A Guy Called Gerald's tunes are just wicked. I'm a particular fan of his work with Graham Massey and Martin Price as '808 State' , especially that post-jam staple tune, the melodic, sax driven number, 'Pacific State' – which reminds me of times in my youth spent playing 'Streets of Rage 2' on the Sega Mega Drive. Drop in on the last Sunday of the month for a dose of musical history, and get jiggy to Gerald. <><


    This Friday Mobilee will be invading the Grelle Forelle when Pan Pot, Anja Schneider and Sebo K take over the building at Turbo. On Saturday we recline in style as our monthly hiccup gathering sees our residents Foehn & Jerome welcome guests Larsson and youANDme to their Café Sturz!
    On Friday Turbo will be presenting a Mobilee Showcase at the Grelle Forelle as part of the Mobilee Back to Back 2012 Tour Celebrating Pan Pot. Label head and DJane Anja Scheider, golden boy Sebo K and of course the masters of the show Pan Pot themselves will be taking the club by storm in a hat-trick of performances behind the decks.
    Prepare to get lost in that unique and wonderful microcosm of sound, light and smoke which embodies our dancefloor - its Turbo x Mobilee!

    Details Friday: The screening of 'Mobilee Back to Back 2012 Tour Celebrating Pan Pot' will take place at the Club. Doors will be open from 21:00 - 21:45. The film starts at 21:30. There will be free popcorn as well as drinks available at the bar as usual. We will go from movie watching to party going in one swift Turbo speed move.

    On Saturday night Foehn & Jerome will open the gates of the Grelle Forelle to their monthly eleganza bonanza Café Sturz. This time they have invited Rotary Cocktail artists Larsson and youANDme. Born and raised in Berlin, youANDme express the vibe of an era long before the party tourists had turned their vacation in the city into a permanent stay - their sound reflects the glory days of old Berlin in its bloom. The very deep and soulful sound of youANDme has made them one of the most sought after remixers. Behind the decks they are impervious to peril and experiment with mixing in techno or dub as they see fit. Bremen born Larsson is one of the smoothest DJs and producers out there. His musical developments in productions, live sets and DJ sets are marked with changing styles and atmospheres which manifest Larssons innovative sounds.

    Leading the tumbling way through the enchanted night will be our residents Foehn & Jerome known for pulling shapes from the bottomless pit of deephouse and inspiring jubulance, hijinks & youthful folly in general.
    Arm yourself for a Turbo Sturz.



    Don't wet your pants - we have a big weekend in stall for you. On Friday Davide Squillace and Shlomi Aber will be representing at Grelle Nacht. And on Saturday we bring you the premier of Harpoons & Torpedoes with the masterly DJ T and Fur Coat all the way from Caracas, Venezuela.
    This Friday we are excited to have Davide Squillace and Shlomi Aber playing at Grelle Nacht. Italian born Squillace, global jet setter famous for his residency at Circo Loco in DC10 is known for his unique style of combining no-fuss techno with funky house tunes. The Israeli born Shlomi Aber, child of the 90s Tel Aviv underground techno scene produces music ranging from groovy house to more mechanical techno. The two have produced countless tracks in the last few years, and have played a massive role in the ever changing world of tech house. Its rare for these two jetsetters to be at the same place at the same time so make sure you are there when the bass is turned up on the mainfloor on Friday.
    On Saturday we have an explosive night to share with you, the premier of Harpoons & Torpedoes (brainchild of < > < Art Director (S.Tsup) & < > < Booker (Rick Layer). For their opening party they have invited seasoned Berlin techno authority DJ T - know for his 20+ years on the circuit and in the scene as a label head (Get Physical), Club Owner (Monza), and as chief editor of Groove Magazine. Also in the house upcoming furry fantasists from Caracas: Fur Coat who have catapulted into the party stratosphere with their recent releases on Crosstown Rebels being played up and down in dance temples the world over.
    To enable as many of you as possible to join we are making a special offer. Everyone who shows up at the door wearing a Fur Coat can feel free to skip the line like a pimp and pay (our all time low) 9 euros instead of 14 euros. Where is the catch? No checking your fur coat at the wardrobe - furry action all night - lets get sweaty! Wearing a Fur Coat and being a douchebag at the door will still not grant you entrance.
    To get you loosey goosey for the dancefloor we have mixed up an enticing South American inspired double trouble harpoon & torpedo shot which you will need both hands to drink.
    For more of the saucy details and the additional line-ups for the upcoming events visit our program
    Naked fur protestors as well as reasonable people in faux fur more than welcome! Lets dance.



    This weekend we welcome Sandwell District, techno dames Electric Indigo & Irradiation as well as Paris' Dyed Soundorom & Aquarius Heaven to our aquarium.
    On Friday at Meuterei the veritable antichrists of the techno underground Regis & Function who make up Sandwell District will be taking the stage with Austrian electronic goddesses Electric Indigo & Irradiation. Known for their high acclaim and devotion from fellow DJs (Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Len Faki, Miss Kittin, Jeff Mills etc.) Sandwell District have not just blurred the boundaries of techno, but have dissolved them and re-built it in their own unique image. Electric Indigo & Irradiation are of Austrian descent yet have enjoyed international success during their many years in the electronic music scene, come to enjoy their electrifying live set as they tune up and we get down Friday night style.
    In Chapter 5, Disco Tales takes a plunge into the aquatic depths of deephouse. On Saturday the Grelle Forelle will become an underwater garden of starfish and corals to tickle your eardrums' fancy. Bringing some funky fresh sounds will be Paris' Rex club and Circo Loco resident Dyed Soundorom. He will be playing his rebellious vinyls and bringing us some of that very sought after Apollonia sound which he produces together with Dan Ghenacia and Shonky. Aquarius Heaven will be performing Live bringing his soulful, grungy voice and his colourful rastafari, hip hop background and Circus Company influence to the decks. Come to feel the authentic sound of some of his recent DJ chart stormers like 'Universe' and 'Can't buy love' as this upcoming DJ shows us what he's working with.
    Let's take a deep breath and get ready to make some big waves as the city's hottest soundsystem sizzles with a cool sea splash.



    In the first weekend of April we have Jennifer Cardini, Tim Green, Matthew Dekay & Droog to get us in tune to Springing and romping this 2012.
    France, you have so much to give. Once again we welcome a talented artist from the French capital. Jennifer Cardini is a Rex club resident as well as underground techno veteran of the Parisian scene. She has been active over the past 15 years and we are excited to be able to welcome her in Vienna this Friday along with the London based Tim Green. This insanely talented young man mesmerizes the crowd with hypnotic grooves consisting of an eclectic mix of musical tastes ranging from jazz to rock. He is known for his talent as a producer (DJ Mag best producer 2010 award winner) as well as his DJ sets.
    Hailing from Haarlem Holland Matthew Dekay represents one half of 'All Day I Dream' along with studio partner and fellow troubadour UK legend Lee Burridge. His training as a classical musician has had a major influence on his career and he is respected for both his quality productions and high energy live performances which over the past decade he has played to crowds all over the world
    Despite being considered as relative newcomers on the scene the young trio of men which compromises Droog have massively shaken up the game in their short 6 years as a DJ collective. They have become known for their parties which have featured major acts in the international house and techno scene, as well as holding mastermind showcases at festivals like WMC, BPM & Sonar just to mention a few. They have held down a residency at Avalon in Hollywood (one of the biggest clubs in the US) and in 2009 launched the LA-based record label Culprit which has built steady momentum with successful releases. 2011 was an exciting yeah which saw Droog collaborating with the Crosstown rebels to high acclaim.
    April is known to be a changeable bitch weatherize but what we can guarantee is a consistent shower of light at the Grelle Forelle with a steady outpour of smoke and deep dirty sound oozing with intercontinental sexiness.



    Mr.F - our gregarious and tasteful raver from old blightey is here to give us his view on the upcoming monthly acts at the Grelle Forelle. Situated somewhere in the thriving metropolitan of the Queen's capital, London town, sits a well heeled young gent with a fag in hand and thoughts in his mind of the most peculiar kind: neon trout thoughts.
    As the weather on Her Britannic Majesty's shores flitters been the fucking freezing and the bloody boiling, (giving life in Old Blighty an air of unpredictability) you can be somewhat more sure of the undeniable fact that all you Wieners are in for a top notch month at the <>< this April.
    It's always nice to see a lady gracing the decks, and after Kraviz' unfortunate no-show a few months ago, Jennifer Cardini looks set to be one of the first handful of dames to do so at the Grelle Forelle - while also marking an extension of the recent Forelle penchant for French acts that has seen Shonky, dOP, Seuil (to name but a few) wreak havoc at our beloved trout. This month sees Dyed Soundorom take to the decks at the Forelle, following a smashing set by DC-10 buddy Dan Ghenacia a few months ago. Launching this month is the exquisitely named “harpoons and torpedoes” – underwater annihilation by means of deep and sexy house. First to pull the trigger straight into your bass face will be smooth operators Fur Coat and DJ T. I haven't actually seen these guys whip out a set yet, but might be catching the former in London at the beginning of the month. It will be quality night in Vienna especially for those who like it deep and textured.
    Now I don't know about you, but I've increasingly found myself dreaming all day about the prospect of chirpsing a leggy blonde while listening to Droog at a Culprit Sessions rooftop party at the Standard Hotel in LA. For the time being, however, I'll have to make do with grainy youtube videos of these legendary parties, although all you Vienna folk will get the not-to-be-missed chance to experience the layered and dreamy Droog sound through the beast that is the club's main sound system. I bet you won't be able to know what's hit you when you get to grips with the fact that Matthew Dekay will also be spreading the love with his eclectic grooves and contagious enthusiasm. Dekay has recently launched his fascinating “All Day I Dream” imprint with one of my favourite DJ's, Lee Burridge. The Forelle terrace deserves to one day bear witness to a few sunny hours of back-to-back melancholic house mastery by these two “soulmates”. Burridge masterminded a morning of psychomagic splendour at Burning Man last summer which will remain etched in my memory for years to come, and it would be interesting to see the extent to which Dekay's Forelle set will draw on the really unique sound that lies at the core of the duo's new project.
    No month at the <>< would be the same without the club's favourite reprobates – Foehn and Jerome, serving you some irresistible Kreuzberg doses of Sturzkaffee at Cafe Sturz. I sincerely hope that none of you partygoers are going to get weak towards the end of the night because cheeky afters in the psychedelic kitchen will be what it's about. It's going to go off massively so make sure you are charged till the very end! Trust me, a marathon after-hour with these two is an absolute joy to behold, so make sure your there from the very first Foehn fist-pump. If you missed Southampton chap Zabiela's last stop over in the VIE around this time last year at a previous Turbo event, then you have no excuses not to drop in to the Forelle at the end of the month for a cosmic dose of an array of broken beats at a slightly faster BPM than you might be used to. The more eagle eyed amongst you will be able to see past the infamous turbocharged Forelle Nebel machine and bear witness to James doing things with Zabiela Gatertronic 3000 app on his iPad which even the late Steve Jobs could not have considered possible.
    So if you're in the mood then don't hesitate to take advantage of the quality few weeks that's on offer at the <>< in April. If it weren't for the trivial matter of a mere 800 miles that lie between me and Spittelauer Lände 12 then I'd also be out and about on the trout as well! A comprehensive overview of all that's going down will always lie beyond the scope of our correspondence, but I hope I've at least whet your palate for a bit of fresh fish...


    On Friday night the Berghain ambassadors come to raise their flag in Vienna, and on Saturday it will get classically Sturz.
    This Friday we will get super grimy and extra hard as Kanal Royal welcomes the Ostgut Ton ambassadors straight from the flaming bowels of Berghain into the cool waters of the Grelle Forelle. Detroit native and one half of the highly reputed Spectral sound label; Ryan Elliot plays lean, bassline-driven techno and house reduced to their essence in true motor city fashion. Renowned DJ and producer Marcel Fengler mixes hard and consistent yet surprisingly emotional sets filled with concentrated passion for techno music. Berghain resident since Day 1, Norman Nodge plays rolling techno colliding with relentlessly classy house - leading a Clark Kentian lifestyle he is uniquely a Lawyer by day and a dynamite DJ by night. Together they compromise 3 horsemen of the techno apocalypse, riding into town to set the club alight. Come prepared with ultra powers, excess motivation and lots of worries to merrily dance away to these affirmative techno badasses.
    On Saturday the well-heeled genteel of the city will get trippy and sturzig in true Viennese fashion as our regular trouble makers Foehn & Jerome welcome the Polish Marcin Czubala and Gorge to their coffee party. Mobilee Records maestro Marcin Czubala has roots deeply set in classical music and whips out unpredictable twists and amazing grooves during his DJ sets. The famed remixer and co-found of 8-bit Records (along with Nick Curly) Gorge has been hunting music in all variations for a good 20 years now and has settled for a club friendly deep-house which penetrates souls - feeble and firm alike. Graceful as a Cafe Sturz may begin, once that mean baseline sets in you know your suspenders and bowtie will loosen up and your bowler hat will come rolling off as you slowly lose coherence and tap into the alternate dancing dimension. Ever a lady, ever a gent, ever a stuttering muttering full-faced grinning sturz.

    Join us in welcoming the berghainian delegation and the sturz troupe for some hip-swinging, tip-tapping a general tasting of the profuse nocturnal amusements out there.

    Also: keep an eye out for our NEW April booklets!



    We have a truly spectacular weekend in stall for you! Lets get dOP/E!
    This Friday Turbo presents: France's sexiest export: dOP! Bar25 legend: Acid Pauli! Her Majesty's vinyl heros: Brendan Clark & Carl Hardy as well as our very own Harry Krishner (< > <)!
    After some great live performances in the club so far with Die Voegel stagediving just last weekend, and Pupkulies & Rebecca performing in late December - its time for us to unpack our stage on the dancefloor for the first time EVER! dOP are known for their excessive and high energy performances, with their lead man singing his sultry funky vocals and his pals on the decks/instruments hammering into your heartbeat. It is nothing short of an honor being part of this performance! Do not miss it!
    Acid (PaulI) is a powerful hallucinogenic drug that alters your perception of the outside world. Acid (PaulI) can turn you into a gibbering, giggling wreck, make the world seem like a magical place, and in one sublime experience, even make Cardiff City's football ground look like the San Siro stadium.
    On Saturday night some original gangsters will be stepping into the Grelle Forelle. In cooperation with austrian radio channel FM4 & the Red Bull Music Academy we humbly present to you: 4 time grammy award winning producer and musical mastermind - Kenny Dope! His Dopeness has worked with muscial artists from genres spanning from Hip Hop to Latin Jazz to House. Working with the likes of Micheal Jackson, Madonna, Kanye West & Raekwon the Chef just to name a few. He will be teaming up with Rasheed Chappell who is in the words of Kenny: "a true MC & the artist I have waited my whole career to work with".
    If you want to see some dancing fish run your mouse over the black section on either side of this text! What happens when you mix up some dOP/E with a dose of Acid (Pauli)? Come and join the experiment to find out...



    On Friday grimey revolutionaries hearts will bleed as they dance to the sounds of Nicolas Masseyeff, Andreas Henneberg & Die Voegel.
    On Saturday the thugfucking skies will open up and pour out with pure divinity as Thugfucker and Pier Bucci step behind the decks.
    The French Riviera isn’t exactly where one would expect to find quality Techno, but it is precisely where one would find a mutiny.
    Between the Bentleys and Lamborghinis Nicolas Masseyeff forged his rough uncompromising sound which has the appeal, rigor and crunch of someone stealing a Mercedes star.
    Andreas Henneberg, one of electronic musics most productive people, will bring his old school Berlin sound that cuts through his productions and DJ sets due to his 15 year long stint on the circuit.
    These two distinct masterminds from the 'Herzblut' label will be performing along with the enigmatic show from Die Vögel who incorporate classical instruments and lots of experienced madness into their Live set. Also in the mix: Christopher Groove - large Austrian DJ & Producer at large.

    This Saturday St.Patricks day just got more ridiculous. We will see the americas represented on a grand scale.
    With Thugfucker from New York and the Chilean Pier Bucci.
    Thugfucker is compromised of Holmar; a former icelandic security specialist, and Greg a former international aid worker come model.
    Basically a DJ duo straight out of a James Bond film, with a musical score that could take on any villain. Pier Bucci produces lush rhythms & colourful melodies, wrapped inside elegant techno, with a hint of german efficiency, all tied together with a latin twist.
    Like his friends and countrymen Luciano and Villalobos he combines electronica with the organic sounds of South America.

    This message will self-destruct in 3...2...1.....



    Pascal Feos, Minicoolboyz, Shonky & DJ W!LD- lets get grell.
    On Friday during Grelle Nacht we will be getting into some heavy minimal Techno. Frankfurt's old school pioneer Pascal Feos, known for his legendary productions and DJ sets will be setting the tone for the Italian Minicoolboyz - who are known for blending old and new technologies and redefining the gap between a live act and DJ set.

    On Saturday we are heading back into the disco forest for the 4th chapter of Disco Tales. Delivering the franco-fun will be Shonky who has been in the game since 98' and is bringing it big on his new label Appolonia since earlier this year.

    Later in the evening it will get deeper, darker and sexier when Cocoon DJ and Circoloco resident DJ

    W!ld gets behind the decks to play his freaky acid house music.

    There will be tasty new snacks on the kitchenfloor and our terrific March minimags for you to take home. See you on the dancefloor.



    Saturday during the day we will be hosting a flea market, and on Saturday night its back to monkey businessing as usual.
    Our first ever daytime event will be taking place this Saturday between 12:00 - 20:00! We are happy to host: Lieblingsflohmarkt - a curated flea market with vintage, designware and lots of VINYL! Stop by to check out all the interesting stands and listen to the always groovy Harry Krishner (<>< ) playing all day long. Hang out, browse around, bag a bargain and have a bite of Viennas tastiest waffles!

    Polite and mild-mannered by day but always rowdy and dynamic by night - as of 23:00 the doors will be open to welcome dancers for Grelle Nacht. We are excited to be heating up the house to the magnificent sounds of the trio that comprises My Favourite Robot (My Favourite Robot Rec, Visionquest) - come all the way from Toronto!

    Do the robot!



    Man over board!
    This Friday Manøver will be setting sail for the first time at the Grelle Forelle. Conceptualised by the creative powerhouse that is Neon Golden - rest assured that a well-rounded experience will ensue - atmosphere, ambience and sound all boiling down into one grand nautical salute.

    The Mothership will be reared by the infamous German Sascha Funke (Kompakt, Berlin) & our Austrian local Beppo Ton (Schoenbrunner Perlen, Vienna).

    Bringing the caboose to a roaring, sweating, tingling, implosion will be Joachim Spieth (Affin, Kompakt, Stuttgart) and the Manøver Crew (Austria) personally.

    Take a beautiful landrat into your arm, swing a mug of rum and smile your toothless smile. Full steam ahead!



    Join the Grelle Forelle Street Team - your chance to earn fast cash the fun way!
    > Visit the Street Team website to find a short video, details, description and an online application.



    A great Nu weekend is about to commence.
    Its time to lace up your dancing shoes (your Sneakers that is).
    We are opening up the club doors this Friday to our monthly extravaganza Café Sturz! Our esteemed guests: Nu who will be playing LIVE! and David Dorad (both on the Bar25 Label) will be joining us along with our very own Berlin-based Café Sturz residents Foehn & Jerome. A Café Sturz is often sporadic, seldom elegant but ALWAYS sturztastic.

    On Saturday we will be getting cheeky on the main floor. The big boy of House music will be bringing in a funky fresh gust straight from the heart of the windy city: the one and only DJ Sneak visiting us as part of the Fabric CD tour. And if you thought our psychedelic kitchen floor couldn't get any more raucous, you thought wrong. Clemens Neufeld and his Space Jungle will be laying it on you like bobby on whitney - rough and merciless all night long.

    HOT STUFF FRESH OFF THE PRESS: the brand new copies of our March MiniMag will be available in the club!



    We are heading straight into the vortex of a dizzying storm on the high seas this weekend with the debut of Meuterei this Friday and the deserved arrival in paradise on Saturday with a warm serving of Bouillabaise.
    There have been whisperings below deck of a mutiny to take place at the Grelle Forelle and finally the day has come. Leading the Meuterei to overthrow the Captain of Mediocrity is the dirty, feared, and honored buccaneer Len Faki with his faithful, bystanding scallywags DVS1 & Piemont (among other scoundrels behind the decks). As the shark infested waters welcome the plank walking captain, we celebrate so furiously as to scare the angry sea itself.

    After a successful mutiny what is the best way to celebrate? Of course by sailing straight to paradise and dining in class like once the greedy captain alone with a tasty Bouillabaise. Serving up the hotness will be Noir, Patrick Chardronnet, Avatism, Violett and the loony local island DJ from Do Easy Records.

    Come to support the rebellion, stay for the freedom of the new regime. Yo-Hoooo!



    Last Friday we stood witness as Marc Houle & Fabrizio Maurizi (alongside local backup from the Manøver artists & their surprise act Deepchild!) gave Turbo a whole new definition. Just when we thought we'd seen it all we watched in awe as the mighty Perlon pervert ARK & Karats Le K ignited the club with mass euphoria, and pushed the ever-energetic club goers (and the demonic sound system) to their maximum capacity.

    This weekend we are introducing our very potent and exclusive show: Extra Kaviar on Friday and the premier of the paranormal Disco Tales at the Grelle Forelle on Saturday.

    The line-ups for both nights speak volumes for themselves. So let us just state the facts:


    Re:Kids Showcase / Nina Kraviz Album Release Party

    Radio Slave (Re:Kids)
    Nina Kraviz (Re:Kids)
    Heidi (Get Physical)
    Boris Brejcha (Harthouse)
    Re.You (Souvenir Music / Keinemusik)

    & support from our glorious locals.

    DISCO TALES - Chapter 4:

    EINMUSIK LIVE (Einmusika / Diynamic)
    Chez Damier (Mojuba Records)
    Sven Weisemann (Mojuba Records)
    Amirali LIVE (Crosstown Rebels)

    & support from our glorious locals.

    See our Program for more in-depth information - or ignore it and simply come along to get a taste of what is happening.

    On Friday night the show starts at 22:00! For a smooth entry we strongly advise you to show up early on both nights.



    A heavy weekend with some seriously sensational acts awaits us, rest your bones - you will have ants in your pants all weekend long.
    We are confident that everyone has regained their energy after the endless bliss last weekend which saw Dan Ghenacia and Seuil spontaneously take on an extra 4 hours back to back behind the decks.

    In that spirit: on Friday night Turbo is back - never failing to take it to another level of disturbing madness, the nights acts are: Marc Houle (Items & Things / M-nus) and Fabrizio Maurizi (M-nus). The Canadian and Italian techno heroes are known for their raw, deep and dark tunes - ready to turn even the most sensible crowd into a raging pit of rhythmic animals.

    On Saturday night we prepare for a French invasion, as the divine countrymen ARK & Le K (Circus Company, Perlon, Karat) step behind the 1's & 2's to dazzle with their cheeky, bizarre, energetic, oddball sound. ARK - a true mad hatter, is admired by many as veritable pioneer of the experimental/minimal house genre in France and has been relentless over the last 10 years - spreading his infectious energy and continuously innovating. Le Ks avant-guard career is punctuated by an ever eclectic sound and the popular receiving of his dynamic live act which he will perform on Saturday night!

    Music lovers rejoice, we are ending January with some spectacular highlights who will take your poor sorry legs prisoner on the dance floor.



    This Saturday we host the first of many clubnights dedicated to outstanding DJ twosomes worldwide.
    Jumping in spontaneously to fill his place at the decks will be the Italian stallion UTO KAREM ( Agile rec. / Plus8 / Napoli / IT )! We will be welcoming him alongside DANIEL STEFANIK ( Coccoon / Freude am Tanzen / Leipzig / DE ). Come to witness the unveiling of our Kitchenfloor, and see what happens when sad white walls take a dip of psychedelics and get radical! On Saturday night we will be dancing to the exquisite tunes of DANIEL BORTZ & ZANDER VT ( Suol, Berlin ).



    We regretfully announce that Adultnapper will not be able to join us on Friday night due to an unexpected family matter & send him our best.
    Jumping in spontaneously to fill his place at the decks will be the Italian stallion UTO KAREM ( Agile rec. / Plus8 / Napoli / IT )! We will be welcoming him alongside DANIEL STEFANIK ( Coccoon / Freude am Tanzen / Leipzig / DE ). Come to witness the unveiling of our Kitchenfloor, and see what happens when sad white walls take a dip of psychedelics and get radical! On Saturday night we will be dancing to the exquisite tunes of DANIEL BORTZ & ZANDER VT ( Suol, Berlin ).