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Vienna, 19. February 2016 – The Grelle Forelle Club Simulator 3D, is a single player, first-person video game. The player starts out in front of Spittelau (a Vienna metro hub), and is left to his own devices to explore the surrounding environment. The goal is to reach and enter the club. The journey is the destination, and this also holds true for the Grelle Forelle itself. One encounters many characters on the way, who all ask the same question: “where is the Grelle Forelle?“ This was no doubt one of the ninth district’s most frequently overheard questions last year.

“Golden Showers in the Ninth District!“

It is no secret that some of the guests finish what is left of their drinks on the way, dispose of the empty containers somewhere on the path, and feel the urge to evacuate one more time before entering the club. In the game, one can collect beer bottles scattered around the area in order to increase one’s “drunk level”. Be careful, drink too many and your vision might start to get blurred. Don’t worry about a full bladder, there’s a way in the game to alleviate that as well.

“The 3D Simulator Paints an Exaggerated Image of Club Reality”

The simulator was created by Thomas Waidhofer, co-founder of the young design studio “Das Happy Medium” and media artist Norbert Unfug. Thanks to a motivated team, the development took about a year from start to finish. Through the use of photogrammetry, they were able to model the surrounding neighborhood as well as the club itself.

Since there is a no photo/video policy within the club and almost no recorded material exists, this game offers users to experience the club as if they were there in real life.

The game is available as a free download at for all Mac OSX 10.8+, Windows XP SP2+ und Ubuntu 12.04+ users.

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