This Wednesday we’re super happy to welcome Gregor Tresher back to our house. This guy has been killing it for as long as we can remember. This party marks the start of his new album tour, so brace yourself for heaviness. The local support ain’t too shabby either. Patrick Testor and Ken Hayakawa haven’t played here since eons, so needless to say they are gonna be bringing their a game. By the way, the next day is a holiday. Need any more convincing?

Thursday night none other than Freddie Gibbs is gonna be making his return. One of the freshest, most acclaimed artists there is at the moment. This guy is one of the reasons that hip hop is tight again. Showtime is early enough to catch the last train home. Do it.

Are you getting bored yet with the same old tech house beatport bullshit? Can’t make it to lighthouse festival? We got your back. Ultra high frequency festival is gonna be taking over the place this weekend. The most advanced avant garde, high grade sounds you’re gonna hear in a while. The lineup speaks for itself so if you’re into quality then this should be a no brainer. Even if you’re standards aren’t too high, stop by for a drink or ten. Friday & Saturday!


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