Gut Baked

Two more weekends left. Then you’re left to your own devices. Once again, two more weekends: let’s make them count. Over the last two years wAFF has become one of the most engaging artists on the international circuit joining the ever popular and influential Hot Creations / Paradise family, several highly commended releases and a residency with Jamie Jones’s ‘already under his belt. As the future offers up a whole world of opportunity, he’s putting his all into creating music of the highest quality, built to unite and excite in equal amounts. He started out in North Yorkshire with no connection to the global night world apart from an unquenchable passion for music. But he listened. He worked. And now he’s right in the frame. it’s all good… or “Alles Wird Gut”. This Friday!

Deep Baked will also be closing off the season in style this Saturday. Fango is a virtuous perfectionist, obsessed with mixing bassdrums, recording percussions and sampling drummers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a drum machine or a gong from an orchestra, he will make it sound right. His first release „N1“ on Degusitbus Music was an instant success among the clubbing scene, turning dancefloors into ritual sessions. The rest of the crew ain’t half bad. You already knew that though…


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