Business as usual

Party on a Tuesday? Why not. Struma X Bliss + Iodine will be taking over the kitchen. Rabit, Forever Traxx, and Johnny Weissbrot will be laying down the tunes. As if there’s another option…

Always one step ahead of the game, Bart Skils has established himself as one of Holland’s most respected and highly demanded techno dj’s. His dj sets are cheered by techno lovers as extremely forward thinking and musically well constructed. We look forward to his debut. Zuckerwatt residents Fabian Hofer and Crazy Sonic, will join the Soundterrasse guys, who will be hosting the kitchen. Every second Friday of the month, Zuckerwatt is here to stay.

Fantastic 5 – 5 Euros all night long! Every once in a blue moon, the quintet of Markus Lindner, Johannes Lampert, Andy Catana, Ilyas Heckmann, and Dario Loerke come together for a battle royale known as “The Fantastic Five”. Seeing as how Ilyas and Dario left Vienna quite some time ago to pursue their studies, getting the gang together for a reunion is no easy feat. Get ready to witness the synergy of Stadtpark and Do Easy’s finest this Saturday