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22 Nov
Saturday / Schoenbrunner Perlen
- Club

Patlac / Liebe*Detail / DE
Space Echo LIVE / Luv Shack / AT
Ken Hayakawa / Schoenbrunner Perlen / AT

- Kitchen hosted by

this human world / AT
Knochen Hartmann / Schoenbrunner Perlen / AT
For the love, for the music

Highly acclaimed as DJ and Producer, Patlac has always been following his own vision of electronic music. He started off dj’ing and throwing parties at the age of fifteen in a small town nearby Hamburg and then eventually got into producing himself. His first releases on Eminor and Greylpound in 2007 and 2008 led to a broader recognition of his skills, and releases on several other labels (like Liebe*Detail) followed soon there after.

Space Echo are definitely a live act to check out if you haven’t sone so already. Catekk and Lee Stevens have been producing magical stuff… Ken Hayakawa will also be playing. No introduction needed.

The kitchen is hosted by this human world and Knochen Hartmann will deliver his perfectly fitting sound to it. 

Start: 23.00 / 7€ <00.00> 12€
28 Nov
Friday / Turbo
Davide vs. Dennis
- Club

Davide Squillace / This & That / IT
Dennes Deen / Yoshitoshi / AT

Davide is not available for comment. He’s got to catch a flight; he’s rushing to the studio; the stage manager is frantically hurrying him into the booth; he’s meeting to discuss plans for his labels…or any of the other myriad reasons why Davide feels like he hasn’t slept, eaten or stopped running for what seems like his whole life. Born in Siena, raised in Naples, it took a trip to London for Davide to finally discover electronic music. Wooed by the mood and sound of the British scene, he returned to Naples flush with energy, excitement and a knowing that this new calling would consume him…


Start: 23.00 / 10 <00.30> 15
28 Nov
Friday / Chuzpe
- Club

Chuzpe LIVE / AT
1000 Tolle Toene Tour

Die Gitarren bitzeln nervös bis elegant über dem pumpenden sub-bass. Synthesizer knarzen, schwelgen und fiepen. Grooves wie Kraftwerk auf Kerosin, Melodien für die Ewigkeit und die Charts einer besseren Welt...

Start: 19.30 / End: 22.00 / VVK: €12,- bei wienXtra-jugendinfo €13,- online ueber NTRY Ticketing AK: €15,-
29 Nov
Saturday / Wiener Endorphine
We three
- Club

S3A (Sampling As An Art) / Hold Youth / FR
Hanzo / Wiener Endorphine / AT
Klein / Wiener Endorphine / AT
Dallio / Wiener Endorphine / AT
Lilian / Wiener Endorphine / AT

- Kitchen

TWIT ONE aka TITO WUN / Melting Pot Music / DE
FID MELLA x BRENK SINATRA / Melting Pot Music / AT
Kalifornia Kurt LIVE / Paradiso / AT
Zauzo / Wiener Endorphine / AT

Happy Endorphine

Happy Bday to the Wiener Endorphine crew!! The crew have invited s3a (Sampling as an art) as well as a pretty fucking crazy kithen lineup. Check it out!

Start: 23.00 / 9 <00.00> 13