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19 Apr
Saturday / Schönbrunner perlen
Perlen perlen
- Club

MOTSA / Schönbrunner Perlen / AT
caTekk / Schönbrunner Perlen / AT
Dennis Yashin / Schönbrunner Perlen / AT

- Kitchen

Laminat / Sama Recordings / AT
Beppo Ton / Cocoon / AT

Schönbrunner Perlen will take over the club once more and we are please to see such a well rounded up line-up at our club. Label honcho Ken Hayakawa put it together carefully for the crowd. We are excited to have the guys back at our club.

Start: 23:00 / 5 € < 00:30 > 8 €
25 Apr
Friday / Stadtpark Nacht
- Club

Audio Werner live / Hartchef Discos / DE
Dario Loerke / Stadtpark / DK
Ilyas Heckmann / Stadtpark / DE
Lampert / Stadtpark / AT
Markus Lindner / Stadtpark / AT

- Kitchen

Mann&Klamm / Malen Nach Zahlen / AT

In 2004 Audio Werner and friends created the label "Hartchef Discos". Since then he has produced many as unique as timeless releases. Evolving a selfmade recording of hundreds of crickets into a no.1 record was the first big leap into the world of housemusic production. From then on he has released on Perlon, Circus Company, Hello?Repeat, Minibar and of course Hartchef whilst never losing sense of his own influences and delicate approach to the production of electronic dance music.

Start: 23:00 / 10 € < 00:30 > 12 €
26 Apr
Saturday / Bock Auf Ute
- Club

Aura Aanthropica aka Hans Platzgumer (live)
I-WOLF (live)
Austrian Apparel (live)
Florian Horwath (live)
Over At The Stars (live)
EOAE (live)
Julian & der Fux / Schönbrunner Perlen / AT
Laminat / Bebop Rodeo / AT
Ranah Geist / BLISS, moun10 / AT
Maor Har / BLISS, moun10 / AT

- Kitchen

Slack Hippy / fm4 / AT
Sebastian Schlachter / fm4 / AT
Giuseppe Leonardi
Evren da Conceicao
Tobias Oliver

- Café hosted by Tingel Tangel Mobil

Simon Riegler
Armin Schmelz
Bernhard Tobola

Dem Spendenrückgang im Verein Flüchtlingsprojekt Ute Bock entgegenwirken.

Start: 23:00 / Min. Donation 10 €
30 Apr
Wednesday / Musik Gewinnt Freunde
- Club

Kollektiv Turmstrasse / MGF / DE
Lake People / MGF / DE
YokoO / MGF / AUS
Ken Hayakawa / Schönbrunner Perlen / AT

- Kitchen

Oberst & Buchner / Schönbrunner Perlen / AT

When Nico and Christian of Kollektiv Turmstrasse start working the crowd, it’s like somebody dumping a bucket of energy on the dance floor. For more than ten years now, these two have spread their good vibes from Reykjavik to Moscow and further to Tokyo with no plans of slowing down. Some call the duo Berlin‘s new wonder-boys, but actually they come from a small town on the Baltic Sea, and have been residing in Hamburg for some time now.

Start: 23:00 / 14€